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Things feel flat in your relationship. You're wondering, where is the spark. You want it back, but fear a breakup is near. You try to recall things you have done in the past. Your mind bounces from taking her out to a nice dinner to going skinny dipping. Two extremes you think, is there a middle ground?

You need to understand female turn ons and what makes your partner tick. Once you find this, you'll be sure to add some more spice to your love life. Sound intriguing? Keep reading.

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Netflix and Chill

Due to the novel coronavirus, this may or may not be an option for you. Don't let the current state of affairs hold you back!

The saying "Netflix and Chill" is a cultural phenomenon. A romantic comedy can spice up a night with your girlfriend. Women tend to absorb their sexual prowess from feelings and relationships in films. How cute! Most men prefer more over-the-top sexuality.

Hand Holding

Public displays of affection (PDA) such as holding hands are an excellent way to stir up the buzzing emotions in your girlfriend. The simple act of reaching out for her hand when you paint the town red is a time-tested act.

She will see your sensitive side when you walk hand in hand together. She will also take note of your confidence.


The current state of the World has us having to think in new creative ways. If you can't physically be with someone, there is always the power of the internet. Video calls are at an all-time high with apps like Zoom on the market.

If you schedule an e-date with your girlfriend, she won't know what to do with herself. Your creativity will create sparks and the possibilities are endless. This is the new dawn of female turn ons!

Wondering what to do on your e-date? You could plan a standard date with your girlfriend, or opt for something more fun and wild. Who knows, it may even end up with virtual sex!

Texts and Sexts

Let your thumbs do the talking. Over your day, sending texts is a surefire way to get her juices flowing. Simple texts sprinkled throughout the day will do wonders. For example, you could start by sending "thinking of you" texts or "looking forward to tonight! Turn ons for women take time, be patient.

Anything that is fun and playful mixed with an air of mystery are golden. You know your partner well, when to keep it sweet and innocent and when to start sending those naughty emojis.

Gifs and links are always fun too. Don't be afraid to get creative and be spontaneous as well. She'll love you for it.

What's Her Fantasy?

When thinking of female turn ons, you'll want to turn your attention to her fantasies. The chances are high that your partner has some things they may be craving. Her imaginative dirty mind is begging for you to open pandora's box.

To unlock the fantasies, you must know the combination. There are shortcuts thought! From watching porn together to gifting naughty things, soon enough she'll take the hint. Remember, communication is key. By openly expressing your fantasies, she is more inclined to divulge hers. When all else fails, ask!

Workout Together

Working out together is great foreplay. The network of neurons tied to arousal stimulates when physically active. Yoga, going for a run, swimming, or tennis are all sexual in nature.

To make things even more fun, why not pick her outfits out beforehand? Just her knowing what you like is a huge turn on for girls. You can see how her workout gear will kick things up a notch. She'll love the thought of you staring at her booty when she does downward-facing dog. You're the man now dog.

Aren't you hot sweaty thinking of it? Now think of how she must feel. Even the thought of watching each other is a workout for your minds! Your workouts outside will often lead to more promiscuous inside activities.

Give Her a Massage

A great way to incorporate and start the physical touch is by giving her a massage. Set the mood beforehand, if you're feeling romantic.

Start with her neck and upper back, then slowly make your way down. Sit on top of her while you massage her and snap her pantie line to drive her wild! Keep amping it up little by little, but pull back to keep the tensions high. Sprinkle some kisses and moans here and there. Unhook her bra and flip her over. We'll let you take it from here. She'll be so aroused that she'll likely return the favor. You may even be so lucky to receive a happy ending. Just remember, this is about her, not you.

Be Extreme

Things that remind her of the bedroom will bode well for you and her. When you and her do extreme activities together, both of your heartrates will increase. Roller coasters, zip lines, bungee jumping, or horror films are all turn ons for women.

Your relationship quality will improve because of these fun ventures as well. You two will be so high on adrenaline, the only logical next move is the bedroom!

Follow Our Guide for Female Turn Ons

By now, you ought to have a good understanding of female turn ons. Whether you're on your first date or in a committed relationship, the importance of being able to turn her on is paramount.

If you need a refresher, you can always refer to this guide. Don't stop there, as a relationship is best when you put in the time and work.