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All the relationships between a man and a woman is some kind of a work. Yes, it is! Every day you and your man create something that will fulfill your life with sense and value. When you take responsibility for creating a family, you take responsibility for your husband, parents and your future children. Love is work, which brings its own most important rewards. Care and love of your husband, successful children, who got the best education, your parents, who aged in an atmosphere of comfort. All these are the main aims of every mature woman. Of course, this requires maximum of an effort. Are you ready for all this? Can you take all this responsibility and help your husband in everything, be a loyal life partner, a keeper of your home and a mother of your children? Your answers to these questions show whether you are ready for a relationship, or not.

You can't listen and understand your life partner!

How important it is to talk to each other! In any relationship, the dialog is the most significant thing. Sometimes, you talk only about the news and common friends. And then the stress after a working day disappeared. You feel cordiality when you realise that there lives someone who understands you. Your minds are attuned. But, sometimes, the talk is essential for the relationships. You need to change something to go on with your relations. And here the most significant point is mutual understanding which should always prevail in your dialog. Looking at the situation from another position, seeing your husband's point of view, making terms with him - all these are the requirements to become a wise mature woman. He also tries to see your point of view, but sometimes you have to agree and, notwithstanding you have your own opinion, you have to admit his attitude. Are you ready for this? You should be ready to admit that everyone has his/her own point of view, which is different from yours. And, it may be even better, than yours. Occasionally, it is so complicated for us to admit someone was right while we were not! If you are not ready to discuss everything, be open with a person, then you are not ready for a relationship.

Man and woman are talking! They relax in each other's company!

You think only about yourself!

A person gets used to listen to his/her own demands. Little by little, he/she comes to understand that he/she has grown up and is an independent person of the society. All the things are available to him/her. And he/she is always ready to take them. For example, if you want a new blouse or a pair of jeans, you just go shopping. This is not a bad thing, it's only a part of our life. But, when you have a family, the demands of your children should be taken into account first. Perhaps, you are used to the fact there is only you and your personal needs in life and you are not ready to support your husband and children in a material way. Then, this is a big problem. In every family, there is a common material budget and it is distributed along the primary needs. And, what is more, it is often planned. And if you suddenly want a new pair of shoes or a sweater, you just can't do it, because it was not planned beforehand. This is an ordinary situation. The maintenance of a house, family and household activities requires common sense and economy. Only in such case there always be money for the things that are of main significance. Sometimes, a person cannot put his/her needs on the second place. And this leads him/her to loneliness. You should learn how to live in alliance with your family and to put their needs higher than yours! And make it possible for them to see your point of view and your plans!

You care only about yourself!

You are accustomed to sleep until midday! Your handbag, lipsticks and face powder… All these things lie around the house and do not have their place. You have an unkempt appearance, you do not know how to cook meals and your dishes wallow in a sink all day long? Then, a lot of things should be changed in your everyday life before beginning a relationship with a man. A woman is a keeper of a hearth. In that hearth, the smell of a fresh baked goods or a flavored stewed mutton should always soar in the air. She always tidies up. When you come to a house where a good housewife lives, you always feel the fragrance of her perfume, fresh bed sheets she has changed recently and pancakes she has baked a minute ago. A housewife is a woman, of course. She is responsible for cleanliness. Of course, a husband should also take part in a cleanup or cooking. But you should not burden him every day with household duties. Your man is responsibility itself. He is always tired after a working day. But, if he wants to help, you should ask him to do the room or to cook spaghetti, which are loved by all the family. That is the way of the world. Women look after the house and children. They take care of their husbands. And your beloved man gives you comfort and prosperity in return. Of course, modern women are more independent. They make a career in different professions on a level with men. But the true woman's vocation is to take care of her children and husband. Women, who refuse to accept this nature role, are unable to have a family. You have to see your mission, as a wife and mother.

While talking about the last mentioned woman's role, it is important to claim that a woman is born for the second time when her child is born. Woman's life changes once and for all. Cares, duties and a huge responsibility are left to the woman on the spot. Having children is a true happiness for every woman. And, when we observe the results of our efforts, we prosper! When we see, that we managed to teach our child everything that is needed and he/she is successful, then we are truly happy. But this requires much diligence! You have to be ready for it!

You can't come to a compromise!

If you are unable to find the common decision in a conversation, your relations won't develop. Is it possible to learn how to listen to your life partner and comprehend him? How can you carry your own point, without feeling anger or grievance? How can you step back in order to save your relationship? Yes, you have to step back sometimes. This will contribute to love safekeeping and the development of your family relations. Those, who assert their position without thinking about their partner, are not saving their relations, but precipitate them into a period of crisis. Of course, it is also significant to stand your ground. This will teach your man how to listen to you and see your point of view. But, do not go too far! Do not quarrel! This won't help! Every person may have the opinion, which is different from yours. But, what is of great importance, is to unite your points of view into some kind of a resume, which will help in the future. Compromise unites us, while quarrel - separates!

Couple are kissing on the street

You can't forgive!

Unfortunately, a quarrel took place. Something went wrong. He hurt you, you hurt him in return… You and him are just ships that pass in the night. You keep apart from your man and do not talk for almost all day. There is nothing more destructive than a grievance that is amassed in your soul. Together with the grievance there usually comes anger, frustration, fear and anxiety. All these destructive feelings alternate each other in your heart, and this leads you into despair. All you want to do now is to come to him, twine your arms around his neck and tell him that you love and forgive him. Then, you definitely ought to do it. Even if he is annoyed with you and he does not talk to you, you ought to get a foot in the door. And you will see his repentance in return. He will apologize as he loves you and simply cannot play ball with you. In the relationships it is very important not to store up bitterness, remember bad things or bias yourself against your man. He is your family. He is a father of your children. Even if now you cannot come to a compromise, the most important thing is to stop in the right moment. Then, it is significant to embrace and give each other a smile. Eventually, all that matters is your love. And all the rest take the second place only!

The most important thing in every relationship is to work on it. You should learn a lot of things in order to have a family. Patience, tact, tenderness, respect and complete trust - these are the features every mature woman should possess. These qualities help to have a family and sustain love and respect in it. You should comprehend that you won't be ready for a relationship until you grasp that you need to develop these qualities in your character. Love and family are the things that come to every woman. The most significant woman's aim is to save it. You should find inner forces to forgive. You should fall silent just in time. You should spend practically all the time with your family. Well, actually there is pretty much more that is needed also! Patience and wisdom are your formula of success! Everyone of us is ready for the relationship! Let us save it, then!