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On the Internet, as in real life, the first impression plays a crucial role upon meeting. And you can’t make a first impression twice! Face to face, there are many methods of non-verbal communication, but on the Web, you have limited means of communication. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the textual and visual design of the profile.

Usually, those who use dating services are in the mood for conversation, but on the other hand, it’s very easy to say the wrong thing, and communication can end without even starting. Stories editorial will give you a couple of tips for a great first impression.

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Provide high-quality images for your profile. Most people are visual learners who subconsciously evaluate others by their appearance. So, it’s important that you choose photos that clearly show your face. And we strongly do not recommend posting group photos.

Down with template phrases!

Avoid using template phrases like “How are you” and “I'd like to meet you” as a greeting. They annoy whoever you’re talking to and decrease your chances of getting a response. Remember, you only have one opportunity to start a conversation, use it wisely.

Examine the profile of the potential match

Don’t be too lazy to browse and study the profile of those that you’re interested in, even if you really like his or her photos. Find out about their hobbies, favorite leisure activities and take the time to read what he or she wrote about themselves. This will make it easier to find common topics for conversation or help you to realize that it’s not a match.

Spelling and grammar

Don't forget to re-read your message before sending. Oh, how many messages in the world remain unanswered because of silly spelling or grammar mistakes!

Don't make it any harder than it is

When making a first impression, don’t overdo it. Of course, you want to stand out among others, but excessive originality can spoil everything. Be honest and open, be yourself.

Go for it

The other extreme is to wait forever for the right moment. It may never come. More precisely, if there are no problems, any moment is appropriate. And if you have a mutual sympathy, don’t delay the time, write immediately.

Tailor your words to who your talking to

Remember, everyone is different, you must learn to improvise and develop!