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Spending time with your partner has never been easier than during this last year, but sometimes it's hard to come up with creative ways to keep boredom at bay. The last year has affected all of us differently, and being around your partner 24/7 can either strengthen or chip away at your relationship. With a variety of fun activities and constant care of one another, you can avoid living through a quarantine break-up story and instead build everlasting memories with your partner.

Just because we're in a pandemic, you don't have to avoid going outside altogether. There are just as many fun things to do outside as there are things to do inside, and you can stay safe with your partner all the while.

If you're looking for a relationship to try some of these fun ideas with, online dating is a smart and safe option. Free dating app Promenad can help you find someone out there, and by talking online you meeting in person before committing to your perfect match.

For you and your partner, read on to find out some fun things for couples to do at home or out!

Fun Things for Couples to Do at Home

Staying at home is the safest thing to do, but even in the comfort of your home there are plenty of fun activities for couples you might not have considered. Read on for our suggestions for indoor activities!

1. Try New Cuisine

Cooking new foods from around the world is a tasty experience that might even expand your palette. Ask each other for suggestions - you might be surprised to learn what your partner has tried!

2. Play Co-Op Video Games

Video games are much more than just a kid's activity. Games like Stardew Valley, Among Us, and many Nintendo games are better with friends - and even better with your partner.

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to wake up together and stretch out the body to prepare for the day. Some positions are hard, but it can be fun to watch each other make it through a particularly tough pose.

4. Board Games and Puzzles

The classic solution to long-term boredom, board games have come a long way since Monopoly was a household name. Check out the co-operative section of your local board game store for some fun two-player board games, or consider starting a massive puzzle to stay occupied.

5. Make Art

Whether you're talented or not, learning how to make art with your partner is incredibly rewarding. It pairs hilariously with wine, and even better with low standards. Put on a video tutorial and watch the hours melt away!

6. Plan a Spa Night

A spa night is the perfect way to show your partner your affection for them. An oiled massage and a scented bath go a long way in enhancing feelings of intimacy, too.

7. Put a Wine/Beer Tasting Night

While it's not the smartest idea to go to a bar right now, putting together a wine and beer tasting night with your partner is a great excuse to get drunk while sampling flavors you might not have otherwise given a chance!

Fun Things for Couples to Do Outdoors

Most of the suggestions below can be done just outside your home, relieving the feeling of cabin fever one sometimes feels in quarantine. Spending time outside might not seem smart right now, but as long as you practice social distancing and wear a mask, the risks are mitigated.

1. Garden, Garden, Garden

Gardening is the bane of boredom. The hobby is an entire world of knowledge, but it's not hard to get into. Learning how to take care of a garden you've curated together is one of the most pleasing and rewarding activities out there.

2. Go Backyard Camping

Whether you have a full-on tent or a plastic tarp, camping in the backyard is a time-honored stay-at-home activity. Bring some books, candles, and plenty of blankets for a comfortable night on the lawn!

3. Take Each Other On a Hike

It's best to stay away from others during this pandemic - luckily, hiking is one of the safest outdoor activities, according to the CDC. Find a trail you've never taken for that extra layer of adventure! Just remember to put your mask back on if you pass other hikers.

4. Have a Picnic by a Lake/River

It's as simple as making sandwiches, filling thermoses, and bringing snacks to the riverside, but it's a classic romantic activity. If you don't have a major body of water nearby, picnicking on a hill or on a hiking trail is just as romantic.

5. Re-decorate Your Patio

It's easy to let the outside of your home become a little disheveled when you don't go outside that often. Spend some time with your partner re-doing your patio (new paint, pressure wash floors, new decorations) and you'll feel more like sitting outside than inside.

6. Stargaze at Night

A nighttime activity to be sure, stargazing is as old as civilization. Learn the classic Greek and Roman constellations, then go out and try to find them with the naked eye together. When stargazing, remember to stay away from cities to avoid light pollution!

7. Plan a Regular Bike Ride or Walk

Regular exercise is important to keeping the mind and body at a healthy level. Pick a day of the week you can both commit to, and go for a walk or a bike ride together. Having something that is a routine for both of you keeps your connection strong even during stressful and busy weeks - just stay committed!

Staying Safe with Your Partner

No matter what you decide to do with your partner, remember to stay safe by wearing a mask, staying 6 feet away from others, and limiting your time spent in public.

We are going through a global crisis, you don't have to go without spending time with your partner - just avoid crowded restaurants and large gatherings, and you'll do your part without sacrificing quality time.