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How incomprehensible the feeling of love is! We all try to find it, we all aspire to gain an insight into the character of love, but we are unable to give the explanation to it. What is love? It is lives' main part. We grow up observing love in our family. And, as soon as we become grown-ups, we yearn to have our own family. For every mature man, love and relationships mean not only passion and desires. Love, creating a family, giving birth to his children is the most significant goal for every man. His upbringing, education level and family traditions which were inculcated in him, lead to the fact that he will put in all his forces into the accomplishment of his house and the creation of comfort and prosperity to his wife and children. A man is like a shield, which guards his family from any trouble. A woman can easily use all her knowledge to do the household duties, if she is sure she can lean on her husband. She is as safe as houses when she is with him. All the man's upbringing leads to understanding of his social role significance. A man ought to take into account the fact how important his social position is. For his wife, the man is a protector, a daily-breader, a sure advisor, a lover and a best friend. However, before creating a family, you have to become acquainted with a woman and fall in love with her. You have a lot in common with this woman, you soon get the message every time you have a talk. You are attracted by her vivid appearance, and her moral virtues make your affectionate heart beat faster. But, how can you see the true love has come to you? How can you sort all the things out? How do you know that you love her?

Man and woman are kissing!

You enjoy the companionship of her!

Your beloved woman should firstly be your best friend. You can place confidence in her in every situation. Your relationship possesses mutual understanding. She is aware of the way she should carry on a dialogue with you. She never raises her voice and is able to get her ideas over to you. Of course, you try to take her point of view into account. However, you are sure in the fact that she puts some value on your pieces of advice. Your interests should definitely coincide. She should be used to the same things as you are. Your families, upbringing and the level of education also draws you together. There is always something to talk about. Sometimes, you even keep silent and this does not bother you. Comfort is one of the most important aspects of the future family life. You should feel comfortable with her as if you were alone. If the woman is a close friend of yours, there is every likelihood she is already in your heart and soul.

Man and woman are cooking! They have the same interests!

You want to support her!

If your beloved woman has some troubles, this affects somewhere in your soul with a feeling of discomfort. You feel something you have never felt before. Now, it appears so important for you to help her in everything. You feel a need to solve her problems and to support her in everything. The most significant feature of a mature man is the sense of responsibility. If you feel you aspire to take responsibility for this woman, then you are likely to be in love with her and she is your future wife. For example, you are on intimate terms with the woman. Today she finishes work late and you decide to call her in order to control how successfully she got home. And she does not pick up phone. You feel anxiety. Suddenly, hundreds of questions appear in your head: What happened? How can I help now? And so on and so forth. Well, if you are distressed for her, then you are head over heels in love with her. How can you know you really love her? If your woman needs a piece of advice, support or help, and you are aware of the fact that helping her has become a part of your life now, then she is the one! Helping her is happiness for you! Then, she is your special sweetheart! You somehow feel her! This feeling is love itself!

You take responsibility for your family!

If you suddenly realize, that, while being with this woman, you would like to have closer relationships with her, if you feel you have enough forces and opportunities to create a family with her, then, of course, you love your girlfriend. A man is nothing without broad shoulders on which all the responsibility is put. Suddenly, you feel the desire to have your own family and children. You look at your beloved woman, and want your son to have her hair and your daughter to have her smile. This is love! This is a lightning-like feeling of connection that occurs between two people. Suddenly, you are sure everything will be alright. You learn, how to predict the future, and tell her, that in 8-years time, your son will go to the first grade and your daughter will start to attend a kindergarten. You become a diviner, because in your heart there is a great desire to share all the future happiness and sorrows with this person. This is the true connection.

Family are walking along the beach

Love comes to those people, who are ready for it. Love is happiness, but, to the same extent, it is a responsibility. A man stretches his arms to the beloved woman, as a sprout stretches its leaves to the sun. Everything that is important for her, becomes significant for you. You aspire to talk and support her in everything. If there occurs a problem, you are the first to call and to ask for a piece of advice. She knows, that you will always help. And, for you, it is the main reward. A man takes responsibility for a family and children in case he loves his woman. The main demonstration of man's love is a provision of comfort and security to his family. Suddenly, a man possesses all the needable requirements and inner forces in order to create a family, because it is love that is moving his life forward. A beloved woman is a best friend, lover, wife, your children's mother and, what is more, she is a person you cannot live without! So, now lay this to heart! Perhaps, you have already met your sweetheart?