Dating, communication and Promenad

Finding love of all your life on a dating site is hard, but is not impossible.

First, decide for yourself what kind of person you’re looking for

Write it all down. Consider every little detail - age, character, appearance, occupation and hobbies. Then using the same methods, do the same for yourself.

Compare and think about whether it’s a good fit

Are you capable of having a give and take relationship? Because love involves constant giving. You cannot get what you are not ready to give. If you want to meet a farmer, be prepared to provide him with all kinds of help with the farming. If you want a relationship with a lawyer, be prepared for him to spend a lot of time at work.

Fill out the form correctly

Profiles with empty pages are a lot less interesting than a detailed bio. To create a profile, select at least the three good quality photos. Try and keep them wholesome and not like a catwalk, otherwise, you will get a reaction that you did not expect.

Briefly write about yourself: gender, age, what you love and what you do in your free time. The main rule is to be honest! Sooner or later, they will find out if your lying, which is likely to end any communication.

Don't delay the first date

Do not chat online for more than a week before meeting. This is enough time to learn a little about them but also will leave something for you to talk about on your date.

Time limit for first meeting

Tell your date that you only have a couple of hours to meet with him. If that person turns out not to be interested in you, you will leave early with no harm done. If the first meeting goes well, and you leave after just a couple hours, you will intrigue your partner even more. Creating a first impression is a special art. And, most importantly, when choosing a future partner, remember that life is unstable, changeable. Fall in love with a person for who they are, not what they have.