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To begin with it would be important to claim, that a person is a social creature. We are all born to be with someone, to create our own family and take responsibility for our husband and children. We all aspire to have friends as we observe the need to communicate and socialize. A person is always surrounded by someone. These may be his/her relatives, friends, parents, colleagues and others. But the most significant fact here is that a person, as a rule, is never actually alone. Well, sometimes, we spend time reading our favourite book or cooking dinner. But even then someone may be near us. Loneliness is in our head. All the doors in our lives are open in order to be in a company that is preferable for us in this or that particular moment. Let us see if this statement is true.

Our colleagues!

When we work and make money, there are people around us. They may possess another profession or specialization, but nevertheless, there is much in common between you and them. You attend your working place every day, except weekends. So, there is a favourable climate for making new connections. Try to make new friends, as there sure to be quite a number of interesting topics to discuss. Your colleague is of the same age as you are? He/she lives not far from you? So, it is even a more conductive situation to get a closer relationship. If you have a real friend, who is your colleague or neighbour, then you will never be lonely! That is for sure!

Colleagues are talking

Our relatives!

We are a part of a family. Our caring mothers, helping fathers, naughty sisters and brothers, talkative aunts and uncles, loving grandparents... Family is a unique force that brings sense into our lives. Relatives often support you in any situation. They are able to give a good piece of advice. Even if you are suddenly sad, you feel anxiety or have some problems at work, you can just come to your mother and have dinner with her. She may keep silent. She may say nothing. But then, she touches your head with her warm arm, and you feel your soul alive again. It is even more powerful than before! Now you have all the forces to go on in your life! You are ready to face every difficulty and to solve every problem! Your father is always there with his opinion and pieces of advice. In every situation, all you have to do first, is to call your dad and ask him all you need to know. Then, after a 5-minute talk, everything will become clear. Our grandparents are also there with their delicious meals and touching stories about you being so little you could hardly walk. Your soul cures in such a company where you are loved and even admired. Our aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews... They can all be a great company to attend a new exhibition or go to the cinema. They are always ready to go to a concert or to your famous museum! So, your family are people who believe in you! They are your shelter and your shield against all the life troubles. Here, you are never alone!

Three sisters

Our loved people!

Of course, we are grown ups, and it seems quite natural for us to fall in love with someone special. Out of a sudden, he/she comes into our lives. And, of course, we are not lonely anymore. Our husbands/wives always ready to listen to us. They help us with a good piece of advice. When we spend time with them, it evolves only positive emotions in our souls. Love brings sense into your life. You see now what is your mission in life. You want to be a part of your own family. You aspire to have children of your own. And the beloved person of yours supports you in these desires. You create your own family and give birth to your children. You take responsibility for them and feel this is the most significant aim of your life. This is the main cure for all the possible loneliness which may take place in your life!

The beloved people are kissing

Our friends!

What is more, we can be surrounded by our friends all our lives. Sometimes, people are on friendly terms with someone they have met in the first Grade at school! And their friendship lasts all their lives! They become even closer, than relatives or a husband and a wife! There are no secrets between them! It happened, that our friends stay with us, when no other connections still exist! Friendship is the feature of every person's personality. We aspire to have friends all our lives beginning from the kindergarten age. Friendship is comprehension, support and complete respect. We feel that a person has a lot in common with us. Our minds are attuned. And the feeling of such union fulfills our soul with harmony and love.

Loneliness is something we feel inside. It is in our mind. If you feel lonely today, start making some steps that will definitely show you are mistaken. Please, call your dad and mum! Come to your grandparents who have already invited you to visit them twice or thrice! Write to your University friends who wanted to meet this Sunday! Invite your colleague to have a cup of coffee in the nearest cafe! Then, after some time, your love will sure to come! But even now, you will see, that you are not alone!