Dating, communication and Promenad.

Millions of people on all continents are looking for the answer to this question. Someone is skeptical, saying that only losers who can’t be realized in real life hang out on such sites. On the contrary, others, are confident that the Internet is the best meeting and chatting place.

Illustration of communication on a dating site
Dating, communication and Promenad 

We at Promenad believe that there is nothing is worse than loneliness. And if it’s possible to defeat it with Internet, then this must be used. On dating sites, you will surely meet a person with whom you have similar interests, and simple chatting can turn into something more.

Dating, communication and Promenad 

We are launching a rubric in which people will share their dating stories online. What do you think? Is it possible to meet your love on dating services? Share your stories and they will appear on the our online magazine pages.

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