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Does a long-distance love affair exist? Is it possible to save relationships if you live in different cities or countries?

Long-distance relationships require great effort because of their inferiority. But life makes its own adjustments, and today a person who hugged and kissed yesterday could be thousands of kilometers away today. Let's together try to figure out what problems do long-distance relationships have, and how to solve them?

Turn on the Brain

Being in love affects the ability to think rationally. But before rushing into a long-distance relationship, try to soberly assess prospects, understand the depth of feelings. A meeting at the end of a holiday at the resort or a couple of romantic walks under the moon may not be the basis for a long relationship. If this is a simple frivolous flirt, leave it as a pleasant memory and move on.

Keep in Touch

When you are unable to meet regularly with your loved one, it is very important to maintain communications. Messages in social networks and messengers help, but it’s better to see your loved one. Communicate via video link, share news, share photos, videos. So you save the precious feeling that you live important moments together. If possible, send little gifts to your loved one and be attentive.

Not to Be Disappointed

When life is filled with the expectation of meeting with a loved one, it’s very easy to get lost in your own fantasies being over the moon and sheer romance. Relationships at a distance and rare encounters are bright flashes of emotions on which you have time to miss. But “hangover” may come from these meetings. You risk being on an emotional swing, where periods of euphoria give way to apathy. Do not dwell on negative emotions, be prepared for the fact that the meeting may fail, something may not go according to plan — well, that’s life, it’s different and doesn’t always ask us about our desires. Maybe not immediately, but everything will be fine!

Struggling with Jealousy

When you and your partner are far from each other, it’s very easy to turn into a maniac who is trying to control every step of a loved one because of jealousy. Admit how many times you have struggled with the urge to call every 15 minutes and send countless messages like: "Where are you? With whom? Why don’t you answer?". Keeping relationships at a distance is difficult because of simple mistrust, because you cannot verify whether your partner is honest with you. In case when you are overcome by sad thoughts and you begin to imagine how your loved one changes you, remember your feelings, love, trust and the decision to keep relationships, despite the distance.

Overcome the Difficulties

To keep long-distance relationships, you need to be genuinely interested. In a difficult situation, your partner will not always be able to help. And rare meetings, lack of time and everyday problems that have to be solved alone can make you doubt that your relationships has a right to exist. It’s very important to soberly assess your strength and know that someday you will wake up every day in the same bed.

Go to the Goal - to be together

Relationships at a distance, in order to preserve love, must necessarily end one day and develop into a life together. It’s very important. You should know that in a year, two — whether five years — you will be together. Having a goal, it’s much easier to calculate our strength, and our brain loves certainty. Make joint plans, dream, talk with each other and don't gloss over wrongs. Do not put an end to relationships just because you are separated by distance.

We can't answer all questions and provide solutions for all problems, but we hope to help you find your way. Strive for happiness and support each other.