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Do you know that online dating is a $3.08 billion industry? It's an incredibly enormous market because of the online dating success rate. It remains one of the best ways to meet someone. How many people use online dating? That's a whopping 270 million users and still counting.

In this Promenad study, we'll talk about online dating statistics and online app statistics. Our stats will let you know how effective online dating is and what percentage ends up in marriage. Keep reading to find out 9 online dating statistics that are interesting to know.

68% of Online Dating Users Think it's Important to Include Photos in Profiles

When it comes to online dating, looks matter. Online dating users are more likely to connect with someone they have physical attraction to. If you want to increase your chances of meeting someone online, make sure you add the perfect profile photos of yourself.

Apart from photos, it's also important to include your hobbies and interests and the types of relationships you're looking for in your profile. Political affiliation and religious beliefs don't really matter much to online dating users.

"To Find an Exclusive Partner" is the Top Reason Why People Use Dating Apps

There are several reasons why people try online dating in the US. Almost 50% of them look for an exclusive partner. About 39% want to have something interesting or fun to do, while 29% want to see what the app is like. 23% want to have casual sex.

Other reasons why people use dating apps:

  • To find a non-exlusive partner;
  • To boost self-esteem;
  • To find platonic relationships;
  • To cheat on a significant other.

39% Have Been in a Relationship with Someone They Met Online

If you want to know how many relationships start online — about 39% of them either have started a relationship or has married someone. This shows that if you're only willing to try online dating and constantly look for someone you're compatible with, the chances of building a relationship are high.

It's important to use the right dating platform for you. Also, try to meet as many men or women to increase your chances of meeting the love of your life.

9% of Males and 3% of Females in the US Use a Dating App

How many people use dating apps? A lot. The Hispanics are the largest group that uses online dating sites, followed by African Americans (9%) and Whites at 5%. 30-44-year-olds make up 10% of the users, followed by 18-29-year-olds.

There are more than 100 million singles males in the US. More than 9 million of them use dating apps. This means that there is a greater chance for you to meet someone online if you're a woman.

More than 17% of Marriages Begin Online

This percentage of marriages from online dating shows that you can meet the love of your life through online dating. According to research, more than 1 in about 6 marriages begin online, and it's expected to grow still.

Most of the people who try online dating don't want casual relationships but marriage. If you're looking for someone to commit to for the long term, consider trying dating sites as it's likely for you to meet someone there. So long as you know how to communicate and keep a conversation going, it should be easier for you to meet someone online.

53% of Americans Think Meeting People Online is Very Safe

You don't need to know the exact numbers on how many couples meet online, as most Americans think it's completely safe. This also includes people who haven't even tried online dating. Just keep an open mind and be cautious too.

Ensure that you use the right dating app platform to ensure that the people you meet are genuine and compatible with you.

80% of Millennials are Willing to Marry Someone of an Another Race

Do you know that most people between the ages of 18 to 35 are not really bothered by marrying someone of a different race? With online dating, it's likely for you to meet someone who's also not American. You can take comfort in knowing most people are open to being in a relationship with someone who isn't the same race as them, and this is okay. So long as you are compatible and you have chemistry, the relationship would likely last.

57% of Users Have a Positive Experience with Online Dating

Because most users have had a good experience with online dating, it's safe to say that we recommend it to anyone looking for a partner. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed, there is always someone for you online. Just don't stop looking; talk to many people to increase your chances of finding someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life.

60% of Users Look at a Person's Social Media

Today, it isn't easy to find someone who's not on social media. Online dating users check for a person's profile to determine whether they will be good for them. Some of them also want to know what the person is like. To be successful with online dating, ensure that you have updated your social media with recent photos and activities.

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