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Finding a good gift for a guy on Valentine's Day is not easy, because you want the surprise to be useful and practical, and not just cute and soulful. Try to guess what your partner really wants. Maybe he'll get excited about a set of grilling spices, or maybe he'll like a pair of new running shoes. If you still haven't found his wish list and couldn't read his thoughts, don't get upset. We have prepared a selection of cool and outstanding gifts for guys on Valentine's Day. You only have to choose the right one!

1.Stack of Love Letters

Sometimes it is difficult to express your feelings for a person in words, but this does not mean that you can keep silent about them. Take a couple of nights to write 12 love letters to your boyfriend, tell how much you appreciate him, how he inspires and pleases you. Then seal the letters in beautiful envelopes and invite your partner to open one every day, or when he becomes sad.

2. Interactive Travel Map

Have you been planning to go to new and unexplored countries for a long time, but your partner can not gather the courage? This gift will inspire him to take your dream vacation. On the map, you can mark places you have visited and where you just want to go. Explore the continents together!

3. Gift Card or Certificate

The most universal gift is money. However, giving money in an envelope on Valentine's Day is not entirely appropriate, because it is still a celebration of feelings and emotions, not financial well-being. Instead of money, you can give your boyfriend a bonus card to his favorite store or restaurant. Complete the surprise with nice details, such as chocolate-covered strawberries or a postcard.

4. Subscription for Delivery of Craft Beer

If your partner likes to hang out with his friends and watch football or baseball, drink beer and chat about life, then this gift will appeal to him. Make a monthly subscription to the beer calendar on one of the breweries' websites and enter the boyfriend’s address in the "delivery" section. You can also put together such a package from his favorite kinds of beer by yourself.

5. Book "1000 Big and Small Adventures"

For sure, your boyfriend or husband from time to time is very tired at work/school and wants to spend his free time interesting and more vigorous. This book contains all sorts of options of outdoor activities, and also the selection of unusual places to visit and much more. He will definitely have something to do on the weekend or on vacation.

6. Leather Card Holder

As you know, guys do not like to carry bags and most often fill their pants pockets with credit cards, keys, lighters or cash. This case can become a convenient organizer for storing essential papers or a stylish replacement for his battered wallet.

7. Smart Mug with Automatic Heating

This device is a good gift for a business and active man. He can take a compact mug with him to work, on a hike or on an evening walk. Using the gadget is convenient and simple: the temperature of the drink in the container is regulated from the app on your smartphone, and the cup itself is recharged from the built-in batteries. Now your boyfriend's morning coffee will always be hot!

8. Personal Vinyl Record

No matter how long you have been together, your chosen one will be happy to receive a custom-made record with a song that will remind him of important, moments together. You just need to select a musical composition, send it to the seller, and the expert will select symbolic design for the record.

9. Book "What I love about you"

A small self-made collection with notes about the traits of your man's character that you most appreciate. You can write down all the most sentimental memories of you two in a book, paint the pages with playful caricatures and paste photos. Hide the book in the bedside table or put it in the bathroom so that your partner will find it in the morning and smile.

10. 100 Cards with Topics for Conversations

No one wants to be in the place of a guy or a girl who is sitting opposite each other in a restaurant for a romantic dinner and does not know what to talk about. This deck of cards for lovers will inspire you to have a meaningful and maybe even sincere conversation, which will be the key to a strong relationship.

11. Portable Lens for Smartphone Camera

Thanks to this device, your boyfriend will be able to take colorful professional photos for accounts in social networks or for his own collection, even on an old phone. The lens is very convenient to use, because it is easily attached to the phone and takes up little space.

12. Skydiving in the Air Tube

Is your boyfriend a thrill-seeker, isn’t he? Then he will definitely appreciate this gift. He will be able to feel the same feelings and emotions as when jumping with a parachute from a real plane. Arrange an active holiday for yourself and your partner: experience the incredible delight of flying in an air tube holding hands!

13. Online Course

There are many platforms with online courses in various disciplines, from computer graphics to economics. For example, Purchase a course that will interest your partner and give him access to methodical materials. Such a gift is a good way to tell him that you respect and support his hobbies.

14. Custom T-shirt

You use several of his t-shirts as pajamas, and now your boyfriend has nothing to wear? It's time to give him a new t-shirt with cute and funny print. Let it be a bright color or even the inscription "I love you".

15. Intimate Board Game

This gift will definitely be the main dessert of your romantic evening. The set includes cards with provocative tasks and tricky questions, so sit back and try to relax. A night full of new sensations awaits you!

It doesn't matter whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time as a girl, or you have been married for several years, make surprises for your man and do not hesitate to show him real feelings. Guys like romance too!

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