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Christmas and New Year may have passed, but don't let your gift-giving guard down just yet. Men all over the world are asking themselves a new question: "What should I give my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?" Promenad rushes to the aid of all the desperate and shares with the guys out there a few ideas for unique surprises for your lucky lady on this special occasion.

1.Custom Portrait

It's too easy to take photos for granted when they live on your phone 24/7. Your girl will definitely be pleasantly surprised if you give her a picture of you together in a frame. The image can be printed on paper, a special canvas, or even painted by you.

2. Heart-Shaped Bamboo in a Pot

No one is too surprised by a standard bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day. These flowers typically sit around in some water for no more than a week before they start to fade. An exotic potted plant is quite another matter. It will be able to make its owner happy for months and will become an essential part of the decor in the apartment. In addition, legends say that bamboo brings good luck!

3. A "What I Love about You" Book

Girls like sentimental guys. This gift is your chance to earn a reputation as a real romantic in her eyes. Buy a beautiful notebook and fill it with love confessions, cute pictures, poems, jokes and wishes. Let this little book be another confirmation of your great love.

4. Deck of Cards with Dating Ideas

This gift is suitable for those couples who have been together for a long time and think that they've done it all together. This set of 25 cards will prove just the opposite: it's never too late to jump with a parachute or go kayaking together. Believe us, there are many more exciting adventures ahead of you!

5. Wristwatch

The most common gift for a girl is a jewelry or handbag. However, sometimes it is difficult to guess what type of accessories your girlfriend will appreciate. We suggest going with a stylish watch instead. If she likes bright details, give her a purple or red watch with an unusual shape. If she prefers feminine options more - pick up an elegant watch with inserts of precious stones for her.

6. Airbnb Gift Card

Is your girlfriend dreaming of a fun vacation with her friends? Make her dreams come true! This card can be used to pay for accommodation, excursions and other tourist services around the world. There is nothing more freeing for her than to see that you respect and accept her social circle. She will only feel closer to you and trust you better in the future.

7. Chocolate Truffles DIY Set

If you still want to give your special woman a box of chocolates, add a little creativity. In this DIY package, you will find step-by-step instructions for cooking truffles from scratch, as well as all the necessary ingredients and accessories. She will definitely like this delicious gift!

8. Bracelet with Engraving

A boring heart-shaped pendant is not what she's looking for from you. An excellent alternative to such an option is a custom bracelet. You can ask the experts to engrave words from your wedding vow or a line from a love poem directly on the bracelet. Show some imagination and come up with a personal and sincere message. You'll be known as "boyfriend of the year" in no time.

9. Master Class Subscription

After watching countless episodes of Hell's Kitchen, she feels that her calling is cooking. Maybe she wants to learn hip-hop or try to be a make-up artist. Support your girlfriend and give her a subscription to online psychology training, a pass to dance classes or hot yoga. She will love knowing that you appreciate her personality.

10. Photo Session on a Smartphone

The trend of mobile photo sessions for Instagram is gaining popularity. Almost 80% of users on Instagram are women. That's why we suggest giving your loved one a certificate for a professional photoshoot. A professional team consisting of a personal stylist, make-up artist and photographer will work with her. Your girl will not only get a lot of impressions, but also get new subscribers!

11. Skin Care Cosmetics Production Course

You are probably sometimes surprised by the number of bottles of different creams and serums on the shelf in your bathroom. Such a passion for skin care products is easy to explain: ladies take skin care very seriously and try to take care of themselves around the clock. If this is about your girlfriend, be sure to give her a certificate for «making face masks or organic shampoo» course.

12. Beauty Gadget

Hand your beloved a face roller or massage mat to finally melt her heart. These devices can be easily purchased on or in Sephora stores. Who knows, maybe you will appreciate an electric face-washing brush of your own someday.

13. Polaroid Camera

Imagine that you can stop time and put memories in a box! Polaroid is designed specifically for this: the device prints photos instantly, so you can immediately share them with your family and friends. In addition, some Polaroid cameras are made in a retro style and often become a favorite new accessory.

14. Erotic Underwear

It's time to talk about adult gifts. We all know that an important component of the love of two people over the age of 18 is sex. Valentine's Day is a great occasion to shake up your intimate relationship and try something new and exciting. Fill the tub with warm water, pour your lady  some wine, dim the lights, and ask her to wear a lace bodysuit or a playful combination that you have chosen for her by yourself. Improvise!

No two women are exactly alike in preference and personality. Don't be afraid to surprise her with creative gifts and extreme adventures. After all, there is nothing more disappointing for a woman than getting a food processor or a frying pan from a man they love on Valentine's Day.