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That smile! Those eyes! You've only been online dating for a few days and you're already certain that you found the one! Something seems a little bit off, however. Have you seen his photo somewhere before? Are her messages starting to sound demanding?

Not everyone you will meet on dating sites is legitimate. It's hard to trust your heart in a world full of scammers and fake profiles. If you suspect that your beau may be a bot, it's best to trust your gut!

Read on to learn about the dating site warning signs that can reveal scams, fake profile activity and more!

Internet Dating Warning Signs

Have you ever received an e-mail from a "Nigerian Prince" asking you to send him money to escape from prison? That Nigerian scammer may be the person behind the dating profile that you're interacting with. Many individuals use dating profiles to try to make money off of vulnerable individuals, and you don't want to be the next victim!

Scammers Use Fake Profiles

The first thing to notice when interacting with a new account is whether the other person is providing any details about themselves. It can be flattering when someone else shows interest, but a relationship should go both ways. The first way to spot fake matches is to look critically at his or her dating profile.

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Every day, thousands of people around the world meet online, and each pursues his own goals: someone just spends free time, someone expects to meet without obligations, but the majority hopes to meet a loved one on the Web and build relationships.

What's on his or her profile page? If it seems pretty empty, there may be a reason. A scammer isn't going to spend much time curating a complex persona.

Likewise, individuals running dating scams won't come off as especially picky. If the details they provide about their ideal mate are vague and could describe anyone, that's a warning sign. It means they may be more interested in your wallet than your personality.

It's true that some people are shy, or may not be great with technology. A sparse profile is not always a sign of a scam. Look out for these other warning signs to determine whether or not your prince charming is really a scammer!

A Scammer Asks to Borrow Money

Discussions about money at any point in the online dating process are a huge red flag. Unless you're talking about whether or not to go Dutch on your next in-person date, be aware that you may be chatting with a scammer.

Often, this request for money will be accompanied by a story about returning to his or her home country for a job offer or other reason. They may soon report back that some sort of tragedy has befallen them on arrival and they have lost access to their money. This is generally when they will request to "borrow" money from you.

They are appealing to both your sympathy and your desperation in this situation. If you were in a financial situation in another country, would you go to a stranger you'd recently met on the internet? You'd be far more likely to seek help from a close friend, family member, or co-worker.

If your new online friend is requesting a major favor from you, there is almost no chance they will be returning that money. Report the profile immediately and get back to looking for love!

Other Money Talk

Even if they haven't asked you for a "favor", they may seem very interested in your money. Are they very interested in your job or your income? Do many of their questions seem to be intended to find out more about how much money you have?

If this feels uncomfortable, there's a reason. People you meet on dating websites will not usually begin discussing financial situations! They are just trying to figure out if you are worth scamming!

Likewise, be wary of anyone who is trying to impress you with a discussion about their own income. If they continue to tout their money instead of their interests and personality, they are attempting to lure you in. They want you to be confident that, when they inevitably ask for that emergency loan, they will "pay you back".

If money seems front and center in any online dating situation, you are more than likely dealing with a scammer.

You Never Meet in Person

Most individuals try out online dating because they are hoping for an in-person relationship. Usually, within a few days of chatting, you might plan to meet up for a date or social activity. A scammer will find any excuse to get out of meeting in person. They may say that they have moved or don't live nearby. They may make other excuses, even if you claim you are willing to travel. Chances are, they live much further away, possibly even in another country!

If you can't ever seem to meet up for coffee, you may be dealing with a fake account.

Fall in Love, Not for Scams!

There are scammers and fake profiles out there, but there is love out there, too! If you have noticed any of these warning signs, it's okay to take a step back from the scams and try again. Most of the posts on Promenad are legitimate singles looking to connect with you in a real and meaningful way!

You can get started with a Promenad dating profile for free! The app uses location data to help you connect, so you know you are chatting with someone nearby. Download Promenad app to get started building your profile today!