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How to meet online? Read the Stories

When creating a dating service, you’ll hear thousands of stories that sound like "If I knew beforehand, I would definitely..." or "If I had known, I would never...". Now, you really will know everything when you read the Stories from Promenad.

Why do we need the Stories?

The Stories is the magazine about only online dating and relations. Here you will find many tips, we will talk about the best places for dating, warn about scams and share tricks about how best to use Promenad.

Who needs the Stories?

Anyone who’s looking online for companionship. Whether it’s love, buddies for the evening or new amigos. You can do it all on Promenad or elsewhere. The Stories will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to do it correctly and safely.

Regular magazines aren’t free, so how much is the Stories costs?

Absolutely nothing! The Stories is an unusual magazine. It helps you to discover happiness, and happiness is priceless.


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