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We all try to find love. Unconditional love is associated with happiness in life. But what is love, how to find it, what it is like to love someone unconditionally and, what is more, how to understand it is a real love? There are no answers to these questions. Nobody teaches us how to love. Our best helpers in such situation are our feelings. We act as our heart tells us. Your boyfriend is with you. He is a part of your life. But you hesitate in making an important decision. You doubt if he is the only one for you. Do you feel this unconditional love in your relationship? Let us try to answer this question.

He is your friend and companion!

It is very important in life to have someone who really understands you. This should be a man who has the same upbringing, who share your values and has the same morals. It is so vital to talk to your friend sometimes. There may be a concrete topic of your conversation or there may be none. There should be someone with whom you may laugh or cry together. He should share everything with you, both good and bad things. You always feel comfortable with him. You feel calm and relaxed. He may even be quiet and say nothing. He will listen to you, smile and take your hand. And then he will say: "Everything will be alright, you'll see!" And you will believe him, as you are aware that he is always right. He is your true and reliable friend.

He is your partner!

One of the most important things in life is the feeling that you and your life partner have the same paths and ways. Your plans and life goals are the same. You know that if you ask your boyfriend to share life with you, he will agree. He will agree even if he knows this way will be not as easy as he would like it to be. He will come with you come what may because his values are the same as yours. And you will certainly go with him wherever he will ask you to go, because you trust him and believe in him. You know that if he sees your nearest plans in this way and not in that one, then this is for the better. Your visions on life coincide.

He helps you!

He can be relied on! He will always listen and help you. Man whom you love unconditionally and who should become a part of your life, your best part, will always come to the aid, no doubt. He is ready to give you a boost, set at ease and give a good piece of advice. And you want to help him in this way in return. To help, to give and to share - now this is a part of your life. You are eager to give and to help and never ask anything instead. You see the same feeling of generosity in his eyes. He feels the same. If anything urgent or unpleasant happens, you call your boyfriend. You need to hear his voice and his piece of advice. You know he is always right. This is unconditional love. You just know that only your boyfriend can solve your problems. He is the best man alive for you!

You need him all the time!

Little by little, your friendship grows into the desire to be together all the time. First, he is only a friend, then he becomes more and more congenial. You understand him. He becomes even closer. This cause the desire to spend all the time together. You wish to share everything with him, even the most inmost feelings. You give him your spirit and he gives his essence to you in return. This is a mutual process. After that, the period of harmony comes on in your relationships. Intimacy becomes necessary as an integral part of your unconditional love. What is intimacy? This is a continuation of feelings expression. You love a person unconditionally and aspire to give him your tenderness and appreciation. You desire to become closer to him by sharing the most intimate things that unite a woman with a man. As a reward, you receive the harmony which you feel in your body and soul. This is not only a need. This is an extension of the relationships. This is a process when a man becomes your family.

You see him a father of your children!

Time passes. After the closest relations begin, you feel like a man cast in a simple mould. Passion grows into tenderness and flutter. You and your beloved man talk a lot, but sometimes you just keep silent. You always feel comfortable with each other. And this helps your soul to gain harmony. Your man feels this harmony also. You know it. And then, when he makes some coffee or reads his favorite book, you come to understand that he is your future husband. You see him being your husband! These feelings come unexpectedly but quite naturally and they do not need to be proven. Then, while you observe him sleeping after your flash of passion, you suddenly see your children. You want your son to have his eyes and your daughter to have his character. And that is when you understand that this man is the one! He is your aid and helper for the rest of your life!

It is quite challenging to talk about an unconditional love. It is even more difficult to understand when you meet the person who is your destiny, who will be your partner, friend, lover and husband. The most important here is to listen to your heart. The beloved man is always with you; he is ready to help you in your hour of need. He always listens to you and gives a piece of good advice. He will always extend a helping hand to you! And your children will grow up as healthy and strong personalities! Listen to your heart and seek your best friend of all times!