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If you miss your boyfriend, you're not the only one. In fact, recent studies show that over two percent of the population are currently in a long-distance relationship. That's 28 million people or 14 million couples. What's even more surprising is that ten percent of marriages begin as LDRs.

Wait a minute - what if you're not in a long-distance partnership but rather, going through a break-up? What if you're Googling "I miss my boyfriend" in hopes of finding ways to get over him? What if you're currently flying solo?

Regardless of your situation, your feelings are natural, normal, and universal. What's unique is how you handle those feelings.

So, what to do when you're missing your man - current or ex? How can you handle the struggle? We discuss some options below. Keep reading if you're in a long-distance relationship, or skip ahead if you've recently broken up with someone.

What to Do If You're Missing Your Current Boyfriend?

We're looking at you, long-distance lovers. How can you cope with the miles between you as you anticipate your next physical touch? When you're tired of texting, what actions can you take to feel close again? Are your friends growing a bit bored with your "missing my boyfriend" rants? There are several ways to re-connect with someone even when they're not by your side. Try one of these ideas next time you're both feeling lonely.

1. Try Long-Distance Lamps

Friendship lamps are a new trend that we believe works fantastic for long-distance romantic partners. The lamp uses Wi-Fi to connect to your sweetie across the nation (or the globe). When you miss them, touch your lamp - which makes their lamp illuminate a different color. This signal alerts them to your presence, so they know exactly when you're thinking of them.

2. Focus on Yourself

It may sound counterintuitive, but focusing on yourself rather than your partner does leaps and bounds for a healthy relationship.

You'll have more to talk about during your phone calls, less time to think of them during the day, and more accomplishments and hobbies to dedicate time to. It's a win-win-win.

3. Watch a Movie Together

If you've ever watched a movie over the telephone with a friend (shout-out to childhood), you know how difficult it is to perfectly sync up the "3,2,1, Play!" times.

Now you don't have to hassle with that. New technology, such as the Houseparty app, allows you to stream a movie from two or more separate screens - so, yours and your boyfriend's. Pick a movie, hit Play, and take satisfaction in sneaking peeks at your honey during the process!

What to Do If You're Missing Your Ex-Boyfriend?

First, congratulate yourself for making it this far. You came out of your melancholy and typed something besides, "I miss my boyfriend," into the search box on your computer screen. You've arrived here to better yourself and move on.

So, congrats to you. Now, consider trying one of the fun options below for clearing the break-up fog and enjoying life and love!

1. Get Back into Dating

You've probably heard some variation of the phrase, "Get over someone by getting with someone else." We're going to make that mantra a little more intentional. We first implore you to feel your feelings, process the break-up, and put some space between one relationship and the next. When you're ready, use a free dating site that's as progressive as you are! Promenad is a friendly place to meet new people online.

Online dating takes some of the intimidation out of the dating equation. It allows you to practice dating from the comforts of home or the local coffee shop - you decide. There's no pressure to attend a blind date or settle for a coworker because you feel guilty. Instead, peruse the web, find a connection, and foster it from behind the screen. Then take it to your favorite restaurant.

2. Take a Social Media Cleanse

If you're guilty of checking up on your ex via Instagram, Facebook, their friends' Instagram (you know who you are), it might be time for a hiatus.

Stalking your ex on social media might start innocent enough, but it can lead to hyper-fixation and obsession. It's time to stop letting your past stop you. If you keep thumb-stopping on your ex's IG handle, the process of getting over the hurt and frustration of the break-up is bound to take much longer.

Give yourself a break from Instagram. You don't need to delete all your accounts (let's be honest, you'll probably wind up making new ones), but you do need to gift yourself some distance.

3. Write Letters (But Don't Send Them)

There's great power to be found when we can convey our feelings on a piece of paper - even when those feelings tend to be irrationally, angry, or heartbroken. In fact, the more angsty, the better! After all, the point of these letters isn't to send them. It's only to process, think through, and understand our thoughts better. The more we know ourselves, the better we can fight triggers, practice good habits, and communicate efficiently.

So, tell your ex exactly what you think of him and then run that paper through the shredder.

Never Google "I Miss My Boyfriend" Again with these Tips!

Here's the deal. Either you'll reunite again with all the fondness of the absent heart or not at all allowing you both the chance to move on and start fresh or read the article on "How to stay a friend with an ex" and draw conclusions. Regardless, you're in for a beautiful future.

If you and your LDR honey make the miles work, you'll reap several benefits: trust, communication, respect. And if you've recently parted ways with someone, your prospective dates offer excitement, conversation, connection.

Are you tired of spending your time pining over a past love? If so, we at Promenad can help get you back on the dating wagon. We provide a free, local, and modern dating service that means you'll never again have the thought: "I miss my boyfriend!"