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It is impossible to grasp where our life leads us. We grow up, develop, we always are in a hurry, we fear to be late… It is even more difficult to understand where our relations lead us. Yesterday, you were happy. You felt as if you were in a fairy tale. In your relations there were feelings, understanding and tenderness. It covered you with its warm cordiality. He was with you. He was always ready to listen to you. He understood everything. And he gave his love to you. Does love exist? The love that you need so much! But suddenly, today everything has changed. The relations start to expire. He is cold and aloof. And you start to blame yourself in the fact that his attitude has changed. Of course, if there are problems in the relationships, both partners are to blame. You should solve the problem and come to a decision together. Can love hurt? Or the reason of such feelings is inside ourselves, it's our unwillingness to accept the problem and to solve it? Probably, this makes love so fragile and non-durable? Let us figure it out!


As often as not, after a period of romance comes to an end, there appear some problems in understanding between partners. He does not listen to you, and you do not want to listen to him and to regard his opinion. Remember! Only serious talks, interest and complete acceptance of your man's opinion can develop your relationships and love. There won't be any misunderstanding and aloofness between you and him, if you try to accept his point of view. You will see that he will also learn how to behave with you and soon after that he will try to listen to you in return. There are quite a lot of things in life which can be accepted. If you truly love your boyfriend and plan to have a family with him, then a dialog is the first thing to do! Love does not hurt those people, who evolve it and make it blossom in the atmosphere of harmony and mutual understanding.


As a rule, aloofness is connected with the absence of a dialog between a man and a woman. However, you can sometimes feel him being cold and aloof, but at the same time you are open and tender with him. Perhaps, this is because he is tired after a hard day! He can also be involved into a perspective new project, and, as a result, he has his heart in his work. Then, after sorting all the things out for yourself, try to leave him alone. Do not interfere with his work and thoughts! And you will see how he is obliged to you! However, there seems to appear quite a different situation. He is aloof. Friends, secret calls… He plans something and you cannot fit yourself into these plans anymore... He comes home late at night… All these are alarming signs of a changed attitude. Then, all you must do is to talk seriously with him. You need to discuss all the details and nuances which seem to be unacceptable to him. These were the reasons why he changed his attitude to you and your personality. Perhaps, you will manage to overcome the crisis together. Then, your relations will come to the higher level. And your love will stop hurting you!


It seems to be quite astonishing, but when a man and a woman fall for passion and desire, all the other person's criterion go to the second place. And then, when the period of a passionate love affair come to an end, you see that your man does not respect you as a person and best friend. You do not know which topics to choose in the conversation. Your interests and hobbies differ. This situation is difficult and brings disappointment, but still it can be set right. If a person has become cognate to you, you need to get to know each other better. You should spend free time together; sometimes, it is better to talk and sometimes - just to keep silent. Walking, laughing, talking and keeping silent… You will see that love does not hurt you anymore. He will see you not only as his lover, but also as a best friend and his future wife. Disregard and aloofness go away when you become cognate to each other, if you get to know each other better. Friendship should accompany any relations. They are best friends!


All the relationships require absolute and unconditional trust. But, what if you cannot trust him anymore? What if your love hurts you every time he comes back home late at night? You feel the smell of someone's perfume. He is already with another person with his heart and soul. This is a very difficult question, and every woman has her own answer to it. It depends on the situation, circumstances, upbringing of a woman and her life ideas. Is your man begging you to forgive him and giving his word that it will never take place again? Well, it's up to you to decide whether you possess all the needable inner forces to forgive the man you love. Every woman decide for herself. It is important that your trust in him and in your relations appear once again, because only trust create true relationships between a man and a woman. However, the situation may differ. He is in love with another woman. You come to such conclusion after a serious talk. Well, only a decision which you will make together, will be acceptable to both of you. It will help you and your man to be happy and your love will stop hurting you. Little by little, the pain will go away. And you will find new force to love and be loved.

Relations New Stage

Sometimes, a new stage of relations does not come easily to you. You try to listen to each other and to come to a compromise, as you love and respect each other. But the difference in life perceptions, upbringing and characters still take its course. Then, after a usual omission or a quarrel, you feel your love hurt you. You come to understand the fact that love cannot bring only happiness. Sometimes, love is a checkout. But it is only life, you know. If you use an outside perspective to the situation, you will feel the need to accept your man’s point of view, as he tries to accept yours in return. You know that he works hard to create good relations with you and your family. He esteems all the family traditions and your parents. And gradually you will see that understanding and respect should be expressed by you also. He takes you on board with all the negative features of your character. And you love him with all his strong and weak points. Then, your quarrel will be dissolved in the ocean of understanding. Patience and understanding, talk and compromise - these are the guarantee of a successful family life!

Love can't bring only happiness and fun. Love is life itself. We accept life with all its imperfections as well as we love our man with all the positive and negative points of his character. We listen to him, understand him, meet his wishes and express wisdom and patience. Love is something that should accompany every relationship in life. In condition there is understanding, a feeling of love and the aspiration to have serious relationships, love will always bring only happiness. You just need to talk to each other, listen and understand your partner's point of view. And the pain of misunderstanding and aloofness will soon disappear.