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"The guy I like likes my friend, what do I do?" This is something that many people ask themselves, but you don't have to struggle. When finding out that your crush is with your best friend, you may feel a variety of emotions. These emotions can prevent you from working, studying, and talking to other people. However, you can do several things to get over these feelings.

We'll go over several things you can do when you find out that your crush is with your best friend. While you may need to reduce how many best friend dates you go on, you shouldn't have a problem getting over the situation. The goal is to get you to answer this question, "Am I over my crush dating my best friend?" Here's what you need to do to get over the situation.

Start Setting Boundaries

One of the first things you should do when you find out that your crush is dating is your best friend is to start setting boundaries. Now that your crush is with your best friend, it will be hard to hang around them unless you want your feelings to keep getting hurt.

In the beginning, you'll need to spend time away from them until you start feeling better about the situation. However, don't be afraid to hang out with your best friend. You can still hang out with your friend, but ensure that your crush isn't there. No matter whether your best friend realizes that their new partner is your crush, there's a good chance they won't bring them around you. Unless they're oblivious to the fact that third-wheeling never feels good, you shouldn't have to worry about seeing them.

Throughout this process, you should talk to some of those that you trust about the situation. Getting things off your chest will help you feel a lot better about everything, preventing you from losing your best friend.

Represent Your Best Self

Despite finding it difficult to get over things, you must work on overcoming your feelings. While doing this, continue to represent your best self so that you're not held back from accomplishing other things. If you don't do this, you may find yourself unintentionally pushing others away.

Not representing your best self can also slow you down when it comes to work or studies. You must think about the best version of yourself and show that to everyone. This will also help you get over things because you'll be spending less time thinking about your crush.

Yes, you'll have a hard time thinking about your crush and best friend when you first find out that they're together. However, don't let these thoughts take up all the space in your head.

Doing simple things like going outside, talking to others, and meeting new people will help you take your mind off things. The Promenad dating site can help you with this. Here you can meet other singles who have the same interests as you. This will guarantee that you overcome your crush without ruining your relationship with your best friend.

Own What You Feel

It's never a good idea to run away from your feelings. You must own what you feel because it will help you become a stronger person. Whether you're feeling jealousy, anger, or sadness, let the feelings out.

You'll experience a wide range of emotions throughout the process, and this is completely normal. You need to give yourself permission to feel this way because it will make it easier for you to remember how much you're worth. These feelings are temporary, and you'll quickly realize that there's much more out there. "But my crush is dating my best friend!" You'll repeat this to yourself a lot, but you'll eventually overcome these negative thoughts and feelings. Ensure that you're surrounding yourself with those that won't judge you so you don't feel any worse about the situation.

Talk to Your Friend about the Situation

Whether feel betrayed or have a broken heart, it's best to talk to your friend about your crush. You shouldn't come forward as someone that's jealous, but let your best friend about how you feel about the situation. If you never told your best friend that you had a crush on their new partner, you shouldn't be angry with them. However, if your bestie knew that you liked them, you should find out why they decided to start dating them.

When talking to them, you may want to start with text messages. Not seeing them personally will prevent you from breaking down, and you'll have plenty of time to think about their responses before you say something.

Ask Yourself, "Am I Over My Crush Dating My Best Friend?"

After processing the situation and doing what you can to overcome your feelings, you'll get to the point where you no longer care. This is what you should aim for as quickly as possible to prevent yourself from self-destructing.

You'll find that when you take up other hobbies, hang out with other friends, and talking to your best friend, you'll feel a lot better about everything. Throughout the entire process, ask yourself at various points if you're over your crush. Once you finally are over them, you won't need to worry about hindering yourself.

Start Going on Best Friend Dates Again

After using the advice in this article, you can continue to maintain your relationship with your best friend. Going on best friend dates will ensure that you two have a good relationship, and you'll no longer mind your old crush being around you. You'll eventually have the right answer to the question, "Am I over my crush dating my best friend?"

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