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Christmas Eve and New Year holidays are the most romantic days of the year. Trees and houses on the streets are hung with colorful lanterns, everyone is happy and exchanging gifts, there is magic in the air. It seems that this time of year is specially created for long walks under the snow, for cozy dates in cafes and miracles.

We have made for you a selection of unusual and exciting activities that will surely help you make this Christmas special and unforgettable.

Arrange a hot chocolate tasting

Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself and your partner  a cup of hot chocolate. There are seasonal offers in many coffee shops: cocoa and chocolate with different flavors, syrups and lots of whipped cream. You can go for a walk together in the park and at the same time arrange a tour of coffee shops, but it is much more interesting to cook hot chocolate by yourself and pleasantly surprise your partner. Don't forget to add marshmallows, lollipops, mint liqueur or even oriental spices to your drink. Such combinations will not leave your boyfriend or girlfriend indifferent!

Spend a cozy weekend in the country

Down with the noisy city and fussy passers-by! A real romantic atmosphere awaits you and your partner in a quiet suburb, in a snow-covered house with a fireplace, where it is always warm and smells like delicious cookies and mulled wine. You can always go out into the yard and make a snowman together or sledge down the hill, and upon returning to the house to sit on the couch, covered with a blanket and watch your favorite Christmas movies.

Go on holiday shopping

Going together for gifts can be fun if you make it a real competition for creativity and speed. Let your imagination run wild and see whose gift will be the most funny and unusual, and whose-the most budget, but no less useful and interesting. In addition, you will be able to know each other's preferences better and in the future will know exactly what gift will please each of you. Once you have bought (or have made your own) gifts, wrap them in holiday paper and sign the cards.

Make a gingerbread house

Nothing brings couples together like an overhaul or creation of crafts. Try to build a small house of gingerbread and decorate it with colored icing and candy. If you are confident in your abilities, we advise you to bake items for the designer by yourselves, but this is not necessary, because almost all grocery stores sell sets for the construction of gingerbread houses on Christmas eve.

Go ice skating

Skating together under the light of lanterns is a classic version of a date on Christmas weekend. To feel the holiday atmosphere, choose outdoor skating rinks in the central areas of your city! There you will be able to drink hot chocolate or throw a real snowball fight.

Arrange a new year photo shoot for two

Making holiday photos together is a great tradition for the beginning of the year. In the future, you can print them out and paste them into an album that will remind you of your feelings for each other and carefree days. Such photos can also be used as Christmas cards for your friends and relatives.

Go to admire the Christmas lights

If you decide to arrange a long romantic walk through the snow-covered streets for your boyfriend/girlfriend, then be sure to look in the neighboring areas to see the holiday lights. There is nothing more magical than the many colored lanterns hanging on the facades of buildings and trees and twinkling in the evening light. Take cocoa or even mint schnapps with you and enjoy the weekend!

Make DIY decorations and toys on the Christmas tree

You just need a little imagination to make your date memorable! Sit on the floor by the fireplace, turn on a Christmas movie or playlist and start an exciting adventure called "do it yourself". Let your idea run wild and glue a custom-designed decoration for your partner, or cut hundreds of snowflakes out of shiny paper and decorate the windows with them.

Go to a Christmas concert or performance

December is rich in theatrical events and ballet performances such as" The Nutcracker " and "Swan lake". Going out is a great opportunity to get to know your partner, his hobbies and interests. Beautiful music, festive atmosphere and decorations will help to make your date romantic and unforgettable. Remember to bring a warm hat and scarf to go for a walk around the festive city after the performance.

Have a double date at karaoke

Music brings people together. Especially if you are in a great mood, in a company of nice. people, and there is still a long weekend ahead. You can arrange karaoke at home, make mulled wine or sangria, turn on the lanterns on the Christmas tree and start a fun party. You can also go to one of the popular bars in your city and throw a massive song contest there.

Do some charity work

Christmas is a holiday of goodness and love. Share these feelings with those who deserve our attention and care. Go with your partner to any social organization as volunteers and help people regain faith in the miracle. There are so many ways to make those in need a little happier. For example, it is possible to distribute toys to kids from shelters, to deliver products to families in need, to hold a master class in hospital or to arrange a festive concert for retirees.

Visit the Christmas market or festival

The idea to hold festive bazaars came from Europe. In markets you can usually find a lot of international goods: sweets, jewelry, clothes, crafts and other Christmas stuff. Be sure to find a similar event in your city and go there to meet new unusual traditions from around the world, drink hot cider and buy a Christmas tree at the auction.

Make a calendar of events for the two of you

In order not to be sad when the holidays are over, plan the next months together and write down your ideas in a convenient album or notebook. Mark there dates of future rendezvous, business meetings, holidays and decorate the calendar with your Christmas photos and funny details. There is nothing more romantic for a couple than creating a memory diary!