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Another year is coming to an end, and now it's time to decide where you and your other half will go to relax and mentally prepare for new challenges. Winter season and, in particular, Christmas and new year holidays – is the most crowded and financially expensive time for holidays almost anywhere. It is important to understand that plane or train tickets, hotel rooms, ski and beach resorts need to be booked at least a month or two before the intended vacation.

What if you do not have time to plan your vacation, but still want to relax?

First, you need to choose your destination. In that case, if your goal is to visit the hot country and relax on the beach, then the most reasonable step is to go on a trip right before Christmas fever (the first two weeks of December) or immediately after it (the first week of January). During this period you will be able to find tourist offers with lower prices than in the holiday itself.

Secondly, try to choose the country for a holiday where Christmas is not celebrated. In this case, you don't have to pay for the additional services.

Another way out of this situation – to fly away on vacation on Christmas eve or New year day itself. These days the price of air tickets twice or three times lower than usual.

Choose countries or cities that attract many business travelers. No one flies on business trips at Christmas, and hotels can vacate dozens of rooms. In the United States, we offer to consider cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix or San Francisco. In Europe - London, Paris and Rome.

Do not miss special offers on airline websites, sometimes new routes cost much less than the usual ones.

For international flights, instead of buying one expensive ticket without stopping, combine two inexpensive tickets and get one transfer. If the intermediate stop is long, you can go out of the airport and have time to see another country in a few hours.

Where to go in the USA?

Charleston, South Carolina
This city has a rich culture and history, pre-war architecture and delicious cuisine. During the holiday season there is A festival of Lights, a Parade of boats and a concert of Gaul spirits. You can find Christmas flowers poinsettia everywhere.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans carefully prepares for the holidays and introduces tourists to historical traditions: caroling by candlelight in Jackson square, dinners in the French quarter, concerts in the Cathedral and bonfires on the levees on Christmas eve.

San Diego and Southern California
Car rental prices in San Diego may seem high to you, but you can cheat and rent a car in Los Angeles and drive from there to your destination along the coast. The resorts of Laguna beach, Del Mar and La Jolla well worth visiting, as are wild ranches, the Anza Borrego desert and Joshua Tree national Park, that is in an hour's drive from Palm Springs. Date trees, warm ocean and incredibly romantic sunsets are waiting for you.

Salt Lake City, Utah
If your favorite winter sport – skiing and snowboarding, then you will love Salt Lake City, because it has seven ski resorts. You can try different mountains for a week.

Dallas, TX
Dallas has many free museums, pedestrian areas, and public art venues. Three hours drive from the city is Austin - the center of legendary live music, fashion and stunning barbecue.

Where to go abroad?

Cancun, Mexico
This resort is a real dream of any traveler. It is washed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other. Here you can try everything from fishing, surfing, Spa treatments to discos and shopping centers. Do not forget to visit the main attraction of Cancun - the ruins of El Rey, which is a city of Mayan civilization.

Whistler. British Columbia
This ski resort is just 90 minutes ' drive from the modern city of Vancouver. Whistler mountain is one of the highest and most beautiful peaks in Canada. If you are missing a real winter fairy tale with sledges, dog sleds and a cozy fireplace, then you should spend your vacation in one of the hotels of this resort.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands
One of the most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic is Puerto Plata. In this amazingly beautiful place you can go windsurfing, take a walk in the night bars and clubs, try the local sweet rum and dance a fiery meringue dance. If you have long wanted to try yourself as a captain, you will have such an opportunity in the Caribbean. Simply rent a yacht or catamaran and explore the nearby islands and bays.

At Christmas, the capitals of European countries are transformed and become fairy-tale towns with shining castles and festive bazaars. A trip to Europe can cost you much cheaper than flights to America. In London, you can watch new year's eve fireworks over Tower bridge, and in Paris, you can visit the ice rinks at the hotel De Ville and taste foie Gras and chestnuts in glaze. Rome has prepared markets and exhibitions for tourists, as well as Christmas Midnight mass, which the Pope holds in the Vatican. If you are in Edinburgh (in Scotland), be sure to visit the torchlight procession and performance of pipers. Many Christmas fairs are held in Berlin, Prague and Vienna until January 6 inclusive.

Do you want to arrange the most unforgettable romantic date in your life? Then you are in Norway. Here, among the snow-covered valleys and mountains, at night on Christmas eve you can see the real Northern lights. Also in Norway you can enjoy ice fishing, reindeer farm and ride on a snowmobile!

Abu Dhabi or Dubai, United Arab Emirates
You can meet the Eastern culture and see the life of Arab sheikhs in Dubai. Adventures will not keep you waiting, you only need to go to the desert to ride a camel or walk on the sand dunes. Arab Emirates – this Is a real luxury: hotels-palaces, personal servants, cuisines of all countries of the world, spa treatments, private beaches and safaris. Vacation here will be remembered for a long time!

Sri Lanka
The island of Ceylon is famous not only for its tea plantations, but also for budget quality holidays. Since Sri Lanka is not very popular with tourists, many new hotels are empty, and the locals are welcoming visitors. People come here to find peace of mind, get an incredible experience from communicating with the natives, visit the ancient Indian temples in the jungle and try dozens of exotic fruits.

New Zealand
December is the beginning of summer for new zealanders. The air temperature on the island is not so high, but it is comfortable enough for long walks on the green hills. You and your partner will be able to feel like the heroes of the book "Lord of the Rings", hobbits or elves, admire the plains and rivers. From wine tasting to jet-skiing, this is the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio is hosting one of the most spectacular new year celebrations in the world: two million people dressed in white gather on Copacabana beach to light candles and throw flowers into the sea as a gift to the goddess of the ocean. People dance samba to energetic Brazilian rhythms, and in the evening colorful fireworks explode in the air. Such a weekend you will remember for a long time!