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Sometimes it is scary to think about breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because you have a lot of pleasant memories with this partner. You are used and also feel intimate together, even if you don’t talk heart to heart anymore and try to avoid. It is difficult to admit that you have become strangers to each other. Rare communication is accompanied by constant discomfort and you two want to spend less time together. Everyone say, that you will grow to like each other, don’t they? Unfortunately, it doesn't happen in our life. The longer you wait, the more miserable your life together will be.

How to understand when you should break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? There are many signs of a dead-end relationships. Consider the most obvious of them.

  1. You are uncomfortable and even boring to be alone with your partner. You don’t discuss your dreams, plans or don’t share emotions anymore. All general conversations are reduced to discussing everyday issues that cause you unreasonable irritability or simply apathy.
  2. You and your partner try to avoid tactile contact. When meeting you don't try to hug and kiss each other, you don't sit down next to each other and don't hold hands at home or on a walk. Perhaps sex has also become a rarity in your relationship or has completely come to nothing. Any attempts to resume it are accompanied by unpleasant emotions and a spoiled mood.
  3. You are afraid to break off the relationship because you are afraid to be alone. Probable loneliness scares you, and you try to keep your fatal relationships all the way to feel needed and in demand.
  4. Scandals with insults have become a familiar form of communication for you. Neither you nor your partner want to give in and compromise, and quarrels all multiply. You are unreasonably offended at each other, feel angry and don't even try to hide your anxiety with respect to the weaknesses and shortcomings of the partner.
  5. You don't make plans together. The spiritual and physical intimacy between you has disappeared, and now you think only of satisfying your own needs and fulfilling your desires. You don't want to discuss a common future, because one of you wants a family and children, and the other - a dog and "free love".
  6. You or your partner are embarrassed of each other. It has been long time to introduce you to your parents or friends, but for some reason the partner is in no hurry to do it, constantly coming up with new excuses. Perhaps, you don't want to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, keep telling yourself that you just do not like to show feelings in public.
  7. Between the two of you stood up his or your ex. You feel the invisible presence of a third person in your relationship: the partner doesn't try to limit his communication with his or her ex and even sometimes helps to fix the computer or move furniture, chats with them, trying to remember the glorious days.
  8. Your relationships are based on compassion. It is difficult for you to break up with your partner because you feel sorry for him and are afraid to leave him all alone. Every day you force yourself to play the part of a conscientious and good man who thinks about the feelings of his partner, but only suffer more from this unhappy time.
  9. You have stopped trusting each other. Your partner suspects you of infidelity and therefore follows every your step in social networks, trying to sneak a peek into your phone and comes with an unexpected inspection to your work. Possibly, you constantly catch yourself lying to your partner and are afraid to get lost in your own secrets.
  10. Your relationships has become one-sided. You have begun to notice that you are making a lot of efforts to maintain intimacy with your partner, but he seems completely uninterested in your communication. It is not always easy to be together, but relations is the work of two people, and if one doesn't want to participate in it, doesn't want to care about your feelings and support in difficult times, then the relationships are doomed to failure.
  11. You spend a lot of time apart with your partner and you two are in no hurry to meet again. It is easier for you to say that you are very busy at work or school, only not to go together for a dinner or walk. Sometimes you even forget to call each other, although you were going to do it 3 days ago.
  12. You notice that your partner often flirts with other people, not being shy about me. What is most unusual, you also want to see someone on the side, maybe even go on a couple of dates without obligations.
  13. It's been a few years, but the cons of your partner has not turned into pros, and you still hope to change him/her for yourself. Neither online courses, nor meditation, nor regular offensive comments didn't make your boyfriend/girlfriend the ideal person you wanted to see next to you. People rarely change, and it is very important to realize this in time and break things off.
  14. You began to notice that the partner uses you and tries to benefit from your communication. He is trying to make you do useless shopping or go on an expensive trip, maybe he wants to use your connections to get a wishful job or just lives in your apartment, taking his ease.
  15. It turned out that you are completely different. You were fun and good with each other in the first moments of love, but then you realized that you have no shared interests, you have nothing in common except sex, and now you can't talk without dispute. You can deceive yourself for a long time and try to get used to a person, learn his worldview, and excuse his/her weaknesses, however such a relationship will not make you closer and happier.

Now you know that there can be many reasons to break up. The main thing is to recognize them in time and free yourself and your partner from unnecessary and painful communication. Don't be afraid, because new and cheerful relationship are waiting for you outside. You can find your like minded people and fall in love again on Promenad.