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Did you know men and women use the opposite hemispheres of their brain more than the other? In men, the left hemisphere, which is responsible for logic and analytics, is more developed, while women use the right side more which is expressed in increased sensitivity and the predominance of an intuitive assessment of events. Through this evolutionary difference, we can say with confidence that every woman at some point has caught herself thinking: “How do I stop being mad at my boyfriend?” There are many methods to overcome resentment and anger, and all and tried and tested.

Keep calm

Remember, negative generates negative. Therefore, it is very important to find a way to calm down so as not to say something you’ll regret later. Determine how much time you need to conduct a calm and collected dialogue with your partner. Go for a walk, find something to distract you and let the passion inside you calm down; for a constructive conversation you need a clear head.

Put yourself in the shoes of a partner

Think about how your boyfriend feels in that situation. Men are often unable to show their emotions in the same way as women because of their chemical makeup; they are not as sensitive as we are. But this doesn't mean that you partner has no feelings at all, he just experiences them in his own way. Try to imagine the reaction of someone when approached with angry complaints. What will your relationship be built on? How would you feel if you heard this?

Understand, when we speak without negativity, we don't get rid of it, but simply shift the energy.

Determine what you would like to get out of the conversation

In order to have a constructive approach, it is important to be able to find an alternative point of view. For this you can use the following table:

  1. Resentment and anger can be suppressed in a minute, if you know how to do it right.
  2. In a relationship, it is very important to be able to decrease, not increase, the tension that arises.
  3. The manifestation of wisdom, understanding and patience is the key to a harmonious relationship.