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Even though Christmas wasn't always celebrated on December 25, it's always been an extraordinary day of giving. But if you're looking for Christmas gifts for a male, sometimes a pair of socks or pajamas isn't going to cut it.

Sick and tired of googling "Christmas gifts for a man who has everything" this year? When it comes to Christmas gifts for male coworkers and more, we've got you covered. Find out how to pick the best Christmas gifts for men below!

1. Nordgreen Pioneer Watch

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch

Ready to stop researching "Christmas gifts for a male boss?"

If your boss is more of a minimalist, then he might appreciate this Scandinavian-style watch. Made in Denmark, the Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph watch comes with a blue, black, or white dial. Not to mention that there's a wide range of bracelets and straps too.

2. Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless-Over Ear Headphones

Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless-Over Ear Headphones

Raise your hand if you're ready to spend another unforgettable Christmas with the man you love. If so, then you'll probably want to surprise him with a Christmas gift that he'll cherish for years to come.

Meet the WH1000XM3! With a battery life of up to 30 hours, these headphones are perfect for any podcasts, games, or music that he might enjoy. Plus, it's connected to Alexa, meaning anything he needs is only a voice command away.

3. PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 with DualSense

Let's face it - not many of us are going on date nights recently.

For those long nights at home, give your man what he wants this Christmas with PlayStation 5. Especially when the next generation console has already been released, you'll be sure to find deals online for game bundles and packages (like on Black Friday).

4. Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Like PlayStation 5, this console of new generation is also released and the Xbox Series X should be a big hit for your man this holiday. The release has already taken place, so up to buy the deals and packages that come along with it!

5. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is here!

If the man you love enjoys fresh tech and Apple products, give them this present to make him swoon on Christmas. Complete with a GPS and fitness-friendly features, your busy man will be able to reply to texts and calls with his watch in no time!

6. Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

Okay ladies, if you want to knock your man's socks off this Christmas, tuck a Google Pixel 4a phone into his stocking. The best part is that it's easy to buy an unlocked phone straight from Google. Plus, it comes with Night Sight, HDR , and dual cameras too.

7. Spyderco ParaMilitary G-10 Knife

Spyderco ParaMilitary G-10 Knife

Because honestly, what "manly man" doesn't love a good hunting knife? If your man is adventurous, slide a Spyderco ParaMilitary G-10 knife under his Douglas Fir!

8. The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

Is your man cool, calm, and collected? If yes, then the Ridge Wallet can help him take his wardrobe to the next level and add a touch of class to his credit cards as well.

9. Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

If your man can't get enough of pocket flashlights, he'll be happy to know that the Streamlight Microstream Flashlight is bomb-proof. Producing 250 lumens of light, it's also rechargeable, meaning he can take it anywhere, anytime.

10. Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

Combining 21 tools into one mega-tool, the Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool includes scissors, knives, screwdrivers, and pliers, as well as a bottle opener. Not to mention that your man can use them all with one hand!

11. Lands’ End Leather Gloves

Lands’ End Leather Gloves

It's going to be chilly this Christmas, but getting your man a fantastic pair of leather gloves can make his winter a lot warmer. From driving to skiing, these Lands' End leather gloves come with a cashmere lining, which is perfect for the holidays.

12. Biddy Murphy Wool Scarf

Biddy Murphy Wool Scarf

Help your man make a statement with the uniquely warm Biddy Murphy wool scarf. Crafted from 100% lambswool, he'll be sure to love the craftsmanship on this gift.

13. J.Crew Ludlow Blazer

J.Crew Ludlow Blazer

Adding a blazer to your man's wardrobe this Christmas might be exactly what he needs. With a two-button closure and a double-vent design, he'll be sure to love it!

14. The Captain Boot from Thursday Boot Co.

Polished and refined, the Captain Boot from Thursday Boot Co. has a modern-classic style at an incredible price point. What's not to like?

15. The Cary Briefcase from Stuart & Lau

The Cary Briefcase from Stuart & Lau

Get the Cary Briefcase from Stuart & Lau for the man who's always on the go. Whether he works in a coffee shop or at the office, he'll be sure to show off this trendy bag for the holidays!

16. Beardbrand Beard Care Products

Beardbrand Beard Care Products

Chances are that your man is rocking a beard this holiday season. If you want him to keep it nice and trim, investing in Beardbrand Beard Care products is the way to go. From combs to brushes, they have it all.

17. Tiege Hanley Level 1 System Skincare

Tiege Hanley Level 1 System Skincare

Who says that men don't love skincare? Give your man the gift of smooth skin this Christmas season with the Tiege Hanley Level 1 System. Complete with acne cream, moisturizer, scrub, and face wash, this gift will make sure he'll be good to go!

18. Northern Brewer Premium Craft Brewery Starter Kit

Northern Brewer Premium Craft Brewery Starter Kit

If your man loves beer but wants to save money, get him the Northern Brewer Premium Craft Brewery Starter Kit this Christmas. We promise he'll love it!

19. Man Crate Hickory Grilling Crate

Man Crate Hickory Grilling Crate

Give the man in your life the thrill of grilling this season with the Man Crate Hickory Grilling Crate. From the smoker box to the rubs, this gift will make his holiday complete.

20. Norlan Whisky Glass Set

Norlan Whisky Glass Set

Pro tip: pick up this set for whisky-drinking men only. Norlan - enough said!

Curious About Christmas Gifts for Men?

If you're still curious about finding Christmas gifts for men, then you've come to the right place. You never have to worry about typing "Christmas gifts for the old man" into your search bar again!

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