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Halloween is a time of scary cool parties, pumpkin latte and sweets! Usually we celebrate it on October 31st but it seems that in 2020 Halloween has started in March and is still going on. So on October 31st we need to put more efforts to scare people who are witnessing Coronavirus and president election campaign in US. Halloween costumes are one way to express yourself. With this costume you can understand not only what a person expects from this party, but also to appreciate a sense of humor and a flight of fantasy.


witch halloween

There is no way to go past this character. Witches from ancient times instilled fear in the hearts of people, which gave rise to even more rumors not only about their abilities, but also about unprecedented beauty. The witcher came to be known among the people not only for their power, but also as protector of all life on earth, since, unlike witches, they could have positive qualities.

Anyone who hides under this suit undoubtedly has the gift to charm at first sight.


clown halloween

According to statistics, coulrophobia (approx. fear of clowns) is among the top most common phobias. Remember at least Pennywise! And the Joker, with his wild laugh...

It is worth getting acquainted with such a madman, if only because you will definitely not be bored with him!

Plague Doctor

plague doctor halloween

For those who are not in the topic: this is, in fact, a doctor from the Middle Ages, trying to isolate himself from the bubonic plague with such an infernal suit. This one will be a hit in corona time and you can use this costume after to go for groceries – very handy!

What can be said about who is hiding for the holiday under this mask? At least that he or she is very well aware of what is going on in the world and didn't lose irony in this year of anxiety?


alien man halloween

They are among us... Yes, yes! And in ordinary life, it’s full of those about whom one wants to say “not from this world”. However, the time of yesterday's “nerds” has already passed and in the 21st century, intelligence has become a new sexuality.

Those who prefer this costume for Halloween are fond of science, which means they are smart and at the same time they are not afraid to be strange. They think outside of our reality!


harley quinn halloween

The popularity of Marvel and DC at its peak and these the cinematic universes which have been collecting crazy box office worldwide for a many year. The question “who is your favorite superhero” - icebreaker for first date!

Do you really need a reason to get acquainted with a favorite hero in real life?

At the Halloween party, there are often people without a costume. You should not put a label of boring or too serious persons. Perhaps they came here spontaneously, but unplanned parties, as we know, are always the most fun!

To summarize: go to Halloween, meet with strangers and find love! But be aware of restrictions for public gatherings in your city and create a funny composition out of hand sanitizers.