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In every person's life, as well as in the life of the whole humanity, there come challenging periods. They may become serious or not, but nevertheless they influence our life, way of living and the stream of thought. We have to waive a lot of things, develop new self-abilities, in order to get used to new conditions. A person should accept new reality, new rules and circumstances of life. Pandemic, which is announced now world wide, is sure to be one of the most significant period in the life of every person who lives on Planet Earth, as health and well-being of ours during this period depends on our serious attitude towards it. We should take care of ourselves and our family, help those who need it and follow all the doctors' recommendations. This is the new reality of all the humanity which we have to overcome. In such circumstances, some aspects of a person's life become not so important, while others become definitely more significant. Now we have more time to do our favourite things, hobbies and favourite pastime. We can spend more time planning something and getting down to our work which has been postponed. Walks, friends meetings, fitness-centres and active kinds of sports are not permitted now. However, people all over the world seem to have found the alternative to these things which are useful to their health. Now, the first thing to help humanity are the electronic devices which seem to be the main development of our century. Computer, Internet, messengers and web-cameras become a key to unlock the door of the world. These things successfully replace gymnasium, favourite cinema or even school. People celebrate their birthdays and weddings without going out. Of course, it is much more better to meet a person and to talk looking in his/her eyes! But, nevertheless, computer and Internet bring humanity a successful alternative. We have to admit that! And in conditions of Coronavirus Quarantine the importance of such kind of alternative is hard to overestimate. Now, we don't have to change our plans or stop the needable communication! Many people are on the edge of changing their life during such periods. They are ready to venture upon a new step. We can make new acquaintance, open new horizons of communication and, what is more, find our love. Various online services are ready to help us in this! They help us to love and date in times of coronavirus. Virtual dating opens the doors of finding a beloved person. It helps to retain the connection and, what is more, develop it and even regain the old magic in the relationships.

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Start communication!

Sometimes it seems to be quite complicated to start communication with a person you fancy. It is not easy to make the first step! And you doubt in your soul whether it is the right person for you, or not. You think: "Am I right in my aspiration to make couple with this person? What if his/her appearance creates one impression and in real life he/she is not what I was searching for so long? Do our interests and life goals coincide?" You delay the start of communication due to these doubts. But now, it is just the right time! You certainly have all the opportunities to think over every word or phrase and lead the dialogue the way you aspire it to go. During this period, you have all the chances to get to know the person better, to get acquainted with his/her hobbies, interests and life values without going on a date! You should now take the chance to start virtual dating and when the quarantine will be over, you will get the opportunity to make closer relationship. You will clearly see whether to continue communicating in real life or wait a little.

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Use all the services of dating sites!

Many online dating sites meet their users' halfway, as they understand how important it is now to continue communicating for those who have already found their sweethearts, but taking into account all the circumstances, could not see their beloved ones. They should definitely stay in touch come what may. And online dating will definitely help! For instance, Tinder made its services called Gold and Plus free of charge for all the quarantine period! Bumble made their voice and video chats open. Besides, Promenad provide these opportunities free of charge from the outset and those who seek for their love can use these opportunities wherever they aspire. You can also read many interesting articles about the preventive care of coronavirus infection. Nowadays, practically all the dating sites possess a great number of opportunities to help people stay in touch and enjoy their communication. Now, you can read books together and watch movies. You can cook meals using video chats and then eat it together! Just imagine as if you are on a date and your partner invited you to dine with him/her in his/her house! It is a real online date! Now you know how to date during Coronavirus! And those, who enjoy computer games will definitely appreciate the chance to play online computer games with their beloved ones! This is the real alternative to real-life communication and online dating sites bring this opportunity to us!

Do not make the virus spread!

How significant it is now to follow all the doctors' recommendations! Now it is practically impossible to meet a person you fancy because of the quarantine! You are unable to go to a restaurant or a cafe, because they are closed. And, of course, it is unwelcome to chance your luck communicating with a person, who may be ill. What is more, you may appear to be ill, too, and you must not infect anyone. It is much more preferable to become online dater!

Learn everything at once!

While meeting online, you can very soon understand, whether this or that person is your perfect match, or not. But, nevertheless, it is very important to understand, that love and dating online will show you at once whether your partner meets your feelings, or not. You will see very soon whether your relationship has the potential, or not. If your partner does not want to communicate with you any more, you are completely alienated. Then, you see that the game is not worth the candle. You save money and time because this unlucky date in real life will never take place. On the other hand, now there are situations when one of the partners cannot meet the other because he/she is ill and now he/she is in the hospital. Sometimes, it is a great risk for a person to meet others, because he/she is in a risk group and fear to become ill. Then, they all should "embrace" online dating as it is a definite way out for them! You can talk, laugh and joke without fear that you, on the one hand,  communicate a disease to your beloved one, and, on the other hand, that your communication will end because of the quarantine time. Some people even get the best from love and dating in times of Coronavirus. No matter, whether they are separated by quarantine or distance, online dating sites help them fall in love with each other while they write letters. This is an icebreaker of online daters!

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Prepare for the date!

When the quarantine time will come to an end, and you will be able to go for a walk with your beloved one, you should definitely be prepared for that. Now, you stay at home. Of course, you still keep fit and do exercises to be in a good shape, but still sitting home makes us a bit launched. That's why online dating is the best! You can permit yourself to look not perfection itself, but a little lazy and relaxed, but be ready to impress your sweetheart on the first date after quarantine. Now, you should do your best to show him/her how perfect your inner world and your soul is. Your life goals and plans coincide. Your hobbies complement each other. You feel how close this person is to you. And then, having met him/her in real life, you start to learn about the physical characteristics of your sweetheart. So, you should look perfect!

Quarantine, announced world wide, appears to be a great challenge in the  life of every person. Our life changes while adapting to new conditions. Internet can help overcome such a difficult period. Virtual dates help people to get to know each other better, keep in touch avoiding separation and develop the relationship which has already started. Nowadays, there is plenty of opportunities on dating sites which make communication and online dates possible. Do not miss the chance to fulfill your life with new connections and even love! Stay home and build relations!