Dating, communication and Promenad

This topic is very relevant and easily justifiable. This topic often brings up similar questions like “What is love” and “What does love mean in each particular case”? Nevertheless, there are several situations which all women will find relatable.

He is not what he seemed

If at the beginning of a relationship a man literally jumps out of his pants to impress his beloved. Then, over time this ardor disappears and he begins to take her for granted. Of course, this does not apply to all men, but rather those that are immature and may not ready for a serious relationship.

Worse still, a man does not just lose interest in his woman, but changes like a werewolf on a full moon, showing his true face.

Easily offended

Every woman may have a different story on this topic because they all have such a wide range of emotional capabilities.

For some, a catalyst for a breakup will be his sharp word, thrown in the midst of a quarrel. And although you seem to have reconciled, you may have almost forgotten, but from time to time the horrible memory replays in your head. And then the woman realizes that she does not want to go through life next to such a person.

Can't provide it financially

Once and for all remember: if a woman broke up with a man due to a deterioration in his financial situation, she never loved him to begin with. Rather, she loved his accessories and position in society.

Now, many women will say they don’t care about his situation in society and expensive cars, but what about the basic necessities of a family? After all, everyone defines “material well being” differently.

But whatever your expectations of material wealth might be, ask yourself: if the onset of a financial crisis is a reason for parting, then what was this relationship based on?

The man doesn't make himself available

When a man ceases to show his partner attention, she’ll gradually fade away and will lose interest in such a relationship. It is not necessary to arrange surprises every day, it is enough just to take care of her, give her compliments and do not forget to be interested in her life.

He betrayed you

Broken trust can end even the best relationships. Maybe they failed to fulfill their promises and things ended with a moral betrayal. In a situation like this, the woman loses all sense of security in the relationship, as women are more severely affected than men by moral suffering.

To sum up, we can say that building relationships is hard work, which not everyone is capable of.