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Men have been asking this question since ancient times. In fact, everything is much more prosaic than it seems.

Keep track of your health and look after your appearance

Gym is a perfect place both to look after your body and to meet new people

Agreed, no one wants to date, let alone meet, an unhealthy person. A man who takes care of his health is perceived as a much more suitable partner and father.

You do not have to hire a stylist and stay up to date on the latest trends, just try to look neat! Your clothes should be fresh and ironed and your hair and nails should be clean and trimmed.

Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is noy only about your appearence

Gallantry will help to melt the heart of any girl. Things like, opening the car door for her, giving her a hand when she gets out of a vehicle; in a word, treat her with respect. And never should you force events! When you rush those things, you risk creating the wrong impression about yourself.

Know how to make her laugh

Sense of humor helps to break barriers

It is important that your partner really likes your jokes. So first, try a couple of jokes on your friends or ask for help from other women in your life. But do not overdo it, a sense of proportion should be in everything.

Show your best qualities

We are sure you are gifted in something. Show it her!

Listen to your partner, try to not only help her, but show her what you are capable of. Get to know her better and invite her to an exciting date according to her interests. It is important to remain yourself, don’t play a role, and remember the golden rule: to be, not to seem.

Don't be stingy

Being generous is not that easy.

It is not at all necessary to shower her with money and gifts. Moreover, in modern society, most women can pay for themselves, and some even offer to split the bill (but you should never agree to this).

I recently heard an example of man’s poor date planning from one of my friends: a boy asked her out on a first date and invited her to take a walk around the city. But when it started to rain, he suggested just waiting it out in the nearest doorway or at her house! Needless to say, she did not agree to a second date.

You can do everything right but she still might not be interested. Women are not obliged to fall in love with you just because you think they should. I think you know yourself that a person is either interested or they’re not.

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