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It's not just a social network with photos and matches. Just like in real life, there are certain rules in the world of online dating that make chatting safe and enjoyable. Online dating is not a game or show where you can bully and tease, it's real communication with real people. Remember that your words and actions on the Internet can lead to unpredictable consequences. Here are some online dating etiquette guidelines to follow:

Be Honest

Post up-to-date photos, don't lie about education, work, and income. Personal true information is the key to high-quality and long-term communication with potential friends or partners. Are you single and seriously looking for a relationship? Or do you just want to take your mind off your marriage and work? You think that flirting on the Internet is harmless, but it's not. So you can mislead someone and seriously set yourself up.

Respond Appropriately to Brush-offs

There are enough people on dating sites with whom you can make friends or build relationships. Don't get hung up on those who reject or ignore you. You don't need to write them pissed off messages and gossip about them on social networks.

Don't Rush Things

Chat with people at your own pace and don't try to meet the first person who likes you as soon as possible. It usually takes about 5-14 days from the first message to the actual meeting. Get to know each other better, share your interests, and maybe get in touch on Skype and make sure that your pen friend is not a fake. If everything went well, then invite a potential partner to an offline meeting.

Be Polite and Welcoming

When dating online, it is easy to accidentally offend your web partner. We think that chat in social networks is something frivolous and virtual, which means that people are not quite real either. But this is not the case. In any communication, it is important to observe the rules of decency. Don't be rude to those who you clearly don't like, try to politely stop chatting with them or simply block their profiles. If you like a certain person, respond to his messages in a timely and respectful manner.

Take it Easy

Your online dating should be light and carefree. There is no need to ask for contact details and intimate information from a person with whom you have only been communicating for two days. People will share their phone number or address with you when they realize they trust you.

Be Positive

Dating sites were created as a platform for friendly and easy dialogue in a welcoming atmosphere. Be optimistic and don't try to start a quarrel or argument with the other person. Discuss your interests and travel, tell a fun story from your childhood, or play online chess.

Respond to All Messages

Sometimes we immediately realize that a person is not a match for us and then try to ignore his messages. In this way, you give him false hope that, perhaps, you will ever work out. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassments, respond to his message and try to politely explain why you are not right for each other.

Don't Confuse Chat Dudes

No one wants to read your life story on several A4 pages. Online communication should be brief and efficient. Try to share only the most interesting facts from your biography with a potential partner or friend. Leave the best part to the real life meeting.

Give the Other Person Time to Respond

Waiting for a response from your favorite profile can be exciting. However, remember that people have their own duties and responsibilities in real life. They may not see your message or forget to respond immediately. Someone is busy at work, someone is preparing for an exam or went hiking in the woods where there is no Internet. You don't need to send them 10 question marks or sad emojis, such obsession can scare your match off . Wait for a day, or at least 3-4 hours, and if there is no response, feel free to switch to another person.

Browse Pen Friend’s Social Networks

Of course, you don't have to watch the person at his house or call him at night and breathe heavily into the phone. It is too much. However, there is nothing wrong with doing your own little investigation and checking the profile of the person you like on Facebook, in order to avoid awkward situations later on. Suddenly it turns out that the guy who asks you out and sends you erotic messages, in fact, has been married for a long time and raises two pretty children.

Discover the Other Person Better Before the First Meeting

If you are really interested in someone and ready to meet him, don't be lazy and find out his interests and personality. Don't invite an ice cream lover to a bar to drink strong alcoholic beverages or a person with a fear of heights on the roof of a skyscraper. The first meeting is the key to a good relationship, let it be as comfortable as possible for both of you.

Don't Send Frank or Provocative Photos to the Person You Like

The truth is that people sign up in dating app to find a person with whom they can build a sincere and trusting relationship, whether they are friendly or loving. No one wants to get half-naked selfies from a stranger in the gym or bathroom. Even cute faces from Snapchat can sometimes confuse your chat friend. It looks vulgar.

Trends in virtual chatting and dating are changing very quickly: recently, people spoke with disbelief about dating sites, supposing they are platforms for searching for a casual overnight affair. However, today such sites and applications have become a familiar part of our daily life. There we meet like-minded people, friends, and even future husbands and wives. The main thing in online dating is to remain honest and sincere, don't keep down on the other person and be friendly. You will definitely find the right person with Promenad. Join Promenad and meet singles!