Dating, communication and Promenad.

Special recommendation system

What makes Promenad unique? To set us apart from other dating services, we have developed a special recommendations system with artificial intelligence elements. Together, they help match a couple and start a conversation.

Effective fight against fakes

Each profile on Promenad is manually moderated and verified. This means that you will communicate with only real people who are willing to meet. It also allows us to minimize the quantity of fake profiles.

No intrusive advertising

We don’t want anything distracting from your communication and dating process, which is why you won’t see intrusive ads on Promenad. We consciously take this step for your convenience.

Transparent monetization system

It is very important for us that Promenad users understand what they are paying for. The free trial premium subscription does not limit the services provided and gives you the opportunity to fully experience all advantages of Promenad. A subscription provides us with a reliable income to refine and improve the service.


We are always very careful with the personal data of our users and we do everything possible so that they don’t fall into the hands of intruders. When you use Promenad, you can be sure it is safe and secure.

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