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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating | Stories by Promenad
Whether you are looking for love or just a new friend, you might be considering online dating. Learn about the pros and cons of online dating now!

Millions of people around the world sit online every day - using social networks, messaging systems, watching TV shows, YouTube or meeting each other on dating services. Fifteen years ago, such acquaintances caused a lot of questions because it was perceived as strange, incomprehensible, embarrassing, dangerous, and unnatural. But time has passed, and we now live in a world where most of human life has moved online, and the quality of online dating has changed.

Today we want to understand the current advantages and disadvantages of dating services. It’s time to get rid of your fears, the power of the Wi-Fi charges you to love.

+ Easy to meet

There are many examples of people meeting online, starting families, having children and going on to live happily. Everyone has met people with this story. And this is all because in 2019, three-quarters of the population in developed countries are regularly online. This is more than 3.5 billion people from all over the world, and this number is growing regularly. This means that it’s as easy to find love among them as in a densely populated state, because there are more Internet users than people in Germany, France or the UK. There's enough for everyone!

- It’s hard to find your one and only

The ideal partner is difficult to find in real life. But online, it’s generally easier to get acquainted and that’s what people are looking for on dating services, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. You can spend long days chatting to strangers and this is something you should be prepared for if your intentions are serious. If they are not so serious, and whoever you are talking to has nothing against flirting or sex with a bit of spontaneity, everything is simpler.

+ Time saving

Modern life rhythm has the power to dictate your day to day life. When you get home from work or study, have your dinner, all you have time for is sleep, nevermind dates, so it's time to optimize your schedule. Making acquaintances online is faster; your profiles, photos and status updates are there to give a taste of your beautiful inner world to everyone. Many will want to meet you, it's just a matter of time. Remember to feel free to open up to the world.

- Some acquaintances will remain online

The deed is done, you have new friends and possible loved ones. But there is a catch - not everyone wants to move from online to real life. There are many people who are not comfortable with live communication, because it can be so stressful. If that sounds like you, it’s not a problem — you will meet many people online who understand you.

But then there are always people with whom it might be better not to meet. There could be a lot of people who are unpleasant to you, like real life, but with a dating service, you have a distinct advantage. With Promenad, it’s easy to end a conversation, and if someone is rude to you, moderators and chat history will help to protect you in the future when you may consider taking legal action.

+ You can meet proper people only

Dating services profiles are made not just to display your photos or to showcase your personality and life achievements. Every question that you answer while creating your profile helps the computer system to better understand what you need. This system remembers your every choice, and makes educated choices to give you more and more suitable options. As a result, you will find out exactly who is right for you.

- There are scammers

True, there are thousands of inventions developed as a method of improving day to day life, but there are always those who want to use them maliciously. Fortunately, there aren’t many, but it is important that you are careful when meeting someone you don’t know or whose identity you cannot verify. Don’t be too quick to tell them everything about yourself, like your house number, apartment, where you hide your spare keys or a safety code. Remember that the Internet is not a game. Your actions and decisions have as much importance here as in your ordinary life. At times, even more so because banks and state services have moved to the online forum. Sites with good moderation and a serious approach to registering new users help to keep the scammers at a minimum, but there is always a risk, so risk wisely.

+ You can take a closer look

Unlike the street, work or the gym, if you use online dating, you can look as closely at a new acquaintance as you like. No one here will consider you crazy if you choose to study profiles and photos for weeks. You are a responsible person and are at liberty to approach the formation of a social circle however you want. Keep it up!

- We complicate our lives ourselves

If you are only looking for your ideal version of a partner, you risk remaining alone, because people are not perfect. Trying to find a rich, beautiful and lonely centaur with a Nobel Prize is more difficult than finding just the right person, worthy of fellowship or even love. When setting search options on a dating service, be flexible so as not to reduce your chances.

+ It’s easy to take the first step

In the real world, it’s difficult to just walk up to a girl or a guy and get to know them, especially if you really liked the person. It’s much easier to send him or her a message. Remember not to lose hope if they don’t respond - maybe they just don’t have the time!

- Disclosing your data

In order for your personality to “load” onto the Internet, you’ll need to provide a lot of details about yourself. A lot of strangers will see your photos and profile. This is the nature of online dating but it’s important that you are aware of this fact. Remember, you only have to tell people as much as your comfortable with, and you can always adjust your profile so that only certain people can see it. You can talk with only wish, and report those who might be dangerous.

+ There are no geographic limitations

On the web you can meet a person not only from another city, but also from another country and even continent. You aren’t limited by distance or time, which means that the chances of meeting someone increase with each new written or received message.

+/- Acquaintances for sex

Sometimes it happens :) Many people are looking for partners just for the night — or for many nights, if they wish. The question is whether this suits you, personally. You yourself can choose your friends, partners, loved ones and lifestyle, so this topic can be both positive and negative. Who knows, maybe you are so suited to each other that one stormy night will turn into a happy family?