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It will be an important day for all lovers very soon, but an ordinary evening with dinner in a restaurant and a movie doesn't seem the best solution for a holiday surprise. In case you want to spend this day unexpectedly and in an original way, we have prepared for you a list of cool ideas for dating on Valentine's Day.

1.Serve your partner breakfast in bed

Pancakes with strawberries, waffles with syrup, or even a simple fried egg in the shape of a heart can set the right mood for the whole day. Don't forget to put a vase of flowers on the tray, so the breakfast will look more impressive.

2. Go for a walk in an unusual place

If you are tired of banal locations "for couples", go on an interesting excursion to a museum or zoo, climb into an abandoned manor house or go to the botanical garden. Unexpected little adventures bring you closer together.

3. Stay at home and have a game night

What could be better than a cozy home get-together with your loved one? Put on funny pajamas, order food, and immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of board or video games. You can also invite single friends to this party and share your good mood with them!

4. Go ice skating

The ice rink is a great place for romantic dates. Colored lights are lit all around, pleasant music sounds, you hold hands and slide across the glittering surface of ice. Don't forget to make stops to rest and drink hot chocolate.

5. Sign Valentines and hand them out to strangers on the street

Share your love and good emotions with passers-by, and the good will come back to you. This walk will be remembered for a long time and will help you build a more trusting relationship with your partner.

6. Explore the city

If the weather is pleasant, go together to wander through the streets of the city. You can spend the whole day walking, talking and taking photos, and in the evening have a romantic dinner in an unusual restaurant.

7. Go to the gym together

Physical exercises prolong youth and give energy and strength. Doing sports together is a great idea for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle to chocolates. In addition, sport unites people.

8. Arrange a date at the theater or Conservatory

Art can awaken tender feelings and emotions in us. Also, going to a performance or concert of symphonic music can be a great occasion to wear a suit or evening dress.

9. Enjoy a picnic in the room

Romantic dinner on the couch? There is nothing easier. Build a fortress of blankets on the floor or bed, stock up on food and wine, turn on a laptop video with a simulated fireplace, and your perfect date for Valentine's day is ready.

10. Go together to a master class

If you are both creative, you will like the idea of going to a clay modeling lesson or a painting lesson. Who knows, you may be so attracted to this activity that you will spend the next vacation in Italy, enjoying sculpture and architecture.

11. Read books to each other

You and your partner may not want to celebrate this holiday in the traditional way. You can stay at home and have an evening of coloring or reading aloud. Sometimes people need to take a break from the hustle and spend time together in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

12. Spend the night in a vintage hotel in the city center

Moving away from your daily routine and traveling to new places will revive your relationship, no matter what stage you are at. Order a holiday dinner and champagne in your room, take a warm bath with foam and rose petals together.

13. Recreate your first date

You remember exactly when and how you met. Whether it was a walk in the park, an evening movie show or a fun party with friends. Play out the moment of your acquaintance or first date with your beloved. Let the memories of those events that you experienced together help you realize how much you value each other. Maybe this will become your tradition for many years to come.

Of course, Valentine's Day is a good reason to please your soul mate with gifts and confessions. However, do not forget to take care of your boyfriend or girlfriend on the other 364 days of the year, because every moment is special for lovers.