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Why are we so attracted to online dating? Because it allows us to chat freely with those we would never meet in our day to day lives. In just a couple hours online, we can meet a dozen interesting people. Dating sites simplify initial communication and relieve the anxiety of particularly shy users, because we know how difficult it can be to start a conversation with your crush. In the online dating arena, there is no need to be afraid of negative comments and judgments; you can easily close the chat with a rude stranger and start a new one with someone else!

All we need to make interesting and high quality communication is a friendly attitude and a perfect online dating profile. By researching social media platforms, we’ve learned how to make a dating profile that really works.

So all you need to do now, is set up your Promenad profile and start dating for free!

To begin, go to Promenad, click "Start Dating" and choose your way to sign up; via Facebook or phone number. Next, you upload your photos. First of all, read our article on choosing the best profile photos for online dating. We recommend you not to use poor quality selfies, as they often don't show all your best features and can give the wrong impression. Try not to use photos that are overly sexual or mysterious. Make sure you look friendly! The quality of the photo directly influences others’ perceptions of you.

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Next, you’ll be asked to enter your name, date of birth and gender. And of course, fill in the "I'm looking for a Male or Female or Both" field. Be as honest as possible, because people visit dating sites to find an authentic friend or partner.

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Now comes the fun part! Here, you choose the hobbies and interests that best describe you. What is your passion? Yoga, sleep, or maybe travelling and fitness? Write a couple of fun facts and details about your hobbies so that people with similar interests will definitely find you.

interest screen promenad

Well done! The first step of creating a good online dating profile is over! Next, you must confirm your contact details in the account settings. These details are private and cannot be seen by others but this information is needed to protect your profile. Then fill in the "About me" box and provide additional information (optional):

  • Your orientation;
  • The status of your relationship (if any);
  • Nationality;
  • Religion;
  • Political views;
  • Profession;
  • Life values;
  • Attitude towards alcohol or smoking;
  • And other.

If you have children, make sure to tell those visiting your profile. It will help you to avoid meaningless and insincere talk. All this additional information improves your chances of finding the right person. According to research, most Internet users consider common interests very important in a relationship. Say, for example, that you wrote "music" as one of your interests. We recommend that you also list your favorite bands and songs in the "About me" box. Avoid complex vocabulary in descriptions or in private messages. Keep it simple! This gains confidence and calms the nerves.

Now that you have completed all the steps of registration and understand how your online dating profile works, you’re free to start searching!

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In the "Browse" section, you will find random dating profiles which have been specially selected for you. If you want a more detailed search, use the filters in the "Search" section.

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What actions can be taken with someone’s profile?

  • Like user;
  • Add user to your favorites;
  • Hide user;
  • Report user;
  • Switch user to the next.

This interface is clear and easy to use. After an exchange of likes, you start a conversation. However, if you feel that the person you’re talking to is suspicious or inappropriate, feel free to report them. Don't be upset if you can’t immediately find a friend or partner. These things take time! Try and keep things simple and light hearted at first. Excessive details, boasting and negativity could turn people off. It is important to show an interest in your potential partner and to find common ground. Ask questions, tell relatable stories, share funny memes or just fantasize about your dream vacation!

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At Promenad, we use our own special currency: Leafs. After setting up your profile, you automatically receive 3 Leafs. This gives you the power to like 3 profiles. One Leaf is replenished every 8 hours. This is done to make you consider your choices carefully. If necessary, you can always buy another package of Leafs. Otherwise, you will only be able to browse accounts and add to favorites. Right now, for a limited time you can buy 20 Leafs for only $9.99 and use Promenad without any restrictions!

Everything works out with Promenad! Join our international family and enjoy access to good quality matches.