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You are happy in your relationship. Everything is ok. Your boyfriend loves you and takes care of you. In your turn, you try to do everything in order for him to be content. But suddenly something goes wrong. You do not feel tenderness. Your relations are no longer cordial as they used to be. Your man is withdrawing! He has a lot of work all the time. Suddenly, there appear a lot of plans in his life and you do not blend in them. Well, you start to rue. You start to blame yourself because it is so obvious for us to seek the reasons in our own behavior. You ask yourself: "Maybe, it is me? What wrong did I do?" And you do not find the answer. Perhaps, we will find the answer to this question and give some pieces of good advice for you to know what to do when your man is pulling away.

Give him a rest!

A large amount of men have much responsibility in life. They are regularly busy at work. They bear responsibility for their family and children. A man, who is always under stress, needs to fetch his breath and to rest. Some men prefer to relax and get some sleep. Others, prefer to watch a good film in core. And there is another group of men, who are of a solitary disposition. They prefer to go fishing alone or with their friends. There is actually a group of men who cannot live without a male company. They need to talk to their male friends. They understand each other better. Perhaps, he discusses all his problems with you. But still his best friends will always find best words to lend his countenance and bring him moral force to move further. All you need to do in this case is to give him some time to rest and gather his breath. Then, he will probably stop pulling you away and all the stress in your relationships will disappear. Remember! He tries to make your home a better place. He works so hard to make provision for your family!

He has some problems!

All men are different. There is a group of men who do not want to burden their beloved women with their difficulties. Your boyfriend is aware of your problems and he does not want to tell you about his stress and frustrations. Maybe, he has some difficulties at work. He does not relate very well to his boss, perhaps, or to his colleague. He is under pressure. He aspires to figure out the escape from a situation and does not want tell you about it. You assume that he is withdrawing. But, as a matter of fact, he is up to the hub in business! Try to make everything possible to talk to him straight from the shoulder. You should cook something tasty and give him a neck massage. Please, create comfort for him and you will see how grateful he will be to you. Then, he will tell you everything. You will earn confidence as a beloved woman and a true friend! He will grasp that you will give the best piece of advice to him! You will go halves in this problem, because it is much easier to solve problems this way. Two halves make a whole. You live one life. All the bad and good things in life should be rub through together!

You have a relations crisis!

Time passes and your man starts to pull away from you. He requires more freedom. Friends become a good pretext in order to leave the house. Of course, this is a significative of a relations crisis. Man feels uncomfortable with you. He does not try to solve this problem. He prefers to go away. Of course, it is always easier to get away from problems. But it is more correct to sort things out. There is a crisis in your relationships. But who is to blame? You will never find a univocal answer to this question. Both a woman and a man are always to blame in all the relations problems in equal measure. You need to help your man to sort the things out and to figure out what his actual feelings to you are. And then everything will become clear to you also, as you are the participant of this process, too. You and your boyfriend bear responsibility for the crisis. On the one hand, it is quite possible for him to reveal himself and be open with you. Then, you will solve the problems together. But, on the other hand, this may lead to the breakup. Your paths will be separate. He will go his way, which now is quite different from yours. Any way, it is better to talk openly and to discuss everything. In all the relationships talking and listening to each other is the most important thing!

Trust him and he will trust you!

Of course, it is important to talk and to listen. It is the basis for the serious relationship! Romance and passion gradually transform into something much more deep in case there is trust between partners. Try to estimate whether there is trust in your relationships. If there is lack of trust between you and your boyfriend, you certainly have to change the situation rapidly.  It is impossible to love and be loved without absolute trust. It is impossible to have family with a man without trust also. You need to trust him, and he must have a stark trust in you. But now, we see that the trust between you and your man begins to disappear. He is withdrawing, because he no longer believes in your relationships. Of course, the problem lies in your attitude to your man and your relationships with him. Or, maybe this is your man who does not believe in you! Trust is the highest degree of love! You can reach this degree, but it can be done only together! You should show him that you are worth trusting! You will always be there for him! You are his best friend and companion! And, of course, do not forget to tell him that you trust him in return! You will see that he will stop pulling you away!

No compromise - no relationship!

You and your boyfriend constantly quarrel. You cannot reach compromise! Such relationships quickly fizzle out and go to the bad. Your man is tired. He searches for peace and harmony. In this case the desires of a man and a woman coincide. Men also want to love and be loved. For a man, the most important things are the status, the attention to him and his family, the respect to the elderly generations and, it is quite natural, the respect to his opinion. This is what he demands from a woman. If you quarrel with your partner, you damage your precious love and relations. It is necessary to be able to reach a compromise, though sometimes you may agree to differ. You must respect your partner's opinion and be able to show him that you expect him to respect your point of view in return. If you come to the common conclusion when you talk, you have all the chances to build up a good rapport with each other.

The nature and the main feature of a woman is wisdom and patience. Sometimes, people estimate patience being a sort of a weakness. But this is a huge fallacy. Trying to put yourself in his place, understanding him, listening to his arguments and accepting them - these are the features of a mature woman. Love grows and gets stronger, and this is possible only if you are a mature and wise person. It is possible only if you can listen and understand each other. You may sometimes quarrel or even be quiet. But afterwards you will always reach compromise. Then, your way in life will always be the same. If your man is pulling you away, try to ask yourself: "What did I do wrong? Maybe, the blame is mine." Then, talk to him. Listen to everything he tells you. And then, draw a conclusion. It is quite possible that it is the breakup, as you no longer understand or trust each other. But, probably, a serious talk with a cup of coffee, a good vacation or simply his favorite dinner and your warm smile will help to break the ice between you. It definitely will help as you love each other and you have one way in this life!