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You communicate with a man online quite a perceptible time. You can talk about everything and feel this is going to be a perfect match. You feel comfortable with him. You get along with him and you feel that it is the time to enter the new stage of your relationship. There are still some questions that require answers. Without these answers you won't be able to meet in real life. You want to touch him, see his smile and his dimples. But before it will happen, you need to figure out what is important to you in order for the relationships to be successful. You grasp that you can talk about everything. He also wants to know everything about you, but he still hangs the groin because he is afraid of losing you. Of course, in such cases as these it is necessary to begin the talk. Only if you overcome the fear of intimate questions, you will be able to understand whether this person is your best part or he can only be your friend. Even this need to ask such questions means the development of dearness in your relationships. Only complete sincerity and open attitude can lead to committed relationship. However, sometimes it is not easy to understand what questions to ask to a person you met online. Let's figure out what the most urgent online dating questions are.

Who is your family?

First of all, ask him about his family. Try to figure out whether he has any brothers or sisters. This is the most important aspect of a person's life. If you know who are his family, you will be able to make out all you need to know about his upbringing. In this case, you will sort the things out for yourself. You will know whether he is your match or not. Sometimes, a person is your other self notwithstanding his education and upbringing. But, as a rule, only common social position and upbringing is a guarantee of a successful close relationships. You are used to the same things. Your values are identical. If you have the same life landmarks you will know your future together will be successful. He will suddenly become so dear and cognate. All the doubts start to disappear and you become aware of the fact that this man, who has the same habits as you have, will bring comfort and happiness to your future family!

What are your interests?

Not only relatives and upbringing can unite two people. How pleasant it is to spend free time together! You can go for a walk or skate. You can watch the new movie lying on a cosy sofa together or give concerts with your rock band. Or, you can simply cook your favourite food together! Every person has his/her interests which evoke the soul harmony and the integrity of life. For example, some people like sewing. Others find it hard to sit still for long periods of time. Conquering the mountain tops, going surfing in Australia or jumping with parachute - that what brings happiness to them, but this throws you into terror! Of course, it is quite necessary to ask your man about his interests and favourite pastime. This will help you to figure out whether he is an extrovert or introvert, if he is a physically active person or a homebody. And you will see at once whether you are congenial or not.

What is the most important thing for you?

Person's aims and goals are the most important things in life. What does he want in his life? What are his future plans? We are all different. For some people work and career are two most important things. For others, these are family and relations. Some people do not plan to get education while others write a dissertation. Our goals show our inner world and future life plans. You do not know yet what is the most important thing for him. You met him online and you need to sort all the things out. What deal is of principle importance and what things will be passed over by him? It is possible that his life goal do not include future family and children. If he is honest, all your future relations and communication will become quite clear to you. Perhaps, you won't be highly ticked at his ideas, but you should remember that ultimatums are the relation's enemy. Everything should be discussed. You should talk to him calmly and express your attitude to his words. If he shares your feelings, he will understand your point of view. And you will create the solution together. But if he claims he appreciates his opinion only, it will certainly be his mistake. But if his goals and future plans coincide with yours, then you are two halves of the same unity. You have the same life path.

What will be your family like?

We all render a family in a different way. Notwithstanding the congeniality of family forms in our society, still all families are different because of the differences in our upbringing, education and habits. What does a word "family" mean to him? What will be his family like? You plan to become a part of his family, that is why it is so important to you to become aware of everything concerning this question. Of course, you will both form your family and you will have the right to bring your own ideas about family rules and customs. But what if he claims his word is a law? What if he thinks that it is not necessary to inform his wife about some things? Will you be able to have close relations with such a person? These questions should be asked and answered at the beginning of the relationships. You must be honest both with him and yourself. Then, there won't be any disappointment, misunderstanding or vain hopes. You should be an open book to each other.

What do the relations mean to you?

Perhaps, the answers to all the previous online dating questions satisfied you. You see yourself together with your beloved man. You seem to have a lot in common. But, what is more, it is important to figure out how he sees his relations with a beloved woman. All men are different. For example, some of them are hopeless romantics. Those, who grow a red rose for a beloved woman and then present it to her smiling and sighing. Those, who devote their women feats and poems. Still, there is a group of men, who cannot do all that was previously mentioned. They are not romantics at all. They cannot court, present bouquets of flowers or ask a woman out for a meal. You will never draw a compliment or a smile from them. Nevertheless, they are trustworthy life partners. You should come to understand what you expect from your relations with a man, whether you desire romance or can easily do without it. You should tell him what are your ideas of the relations between a woman and a man. Perhaps, your wishes are the same.

What will be your family like in 10 years?

You should ask this online dating question after all the other questions satisfied you. It unites all the previous questions. He will characterise his family in a few words and you will clearly see whether he was honest with you or not. You will read him like the book and see whether he is your perfect match.

If you met online and feel your heart giving a throb every time he writes to you, then it is the sign to develop the new stage of communication. If you want to feel consanguinity, you should be absolutely open with each other. Before meeting in real life, all the intimate online dating questions should be asked in order for you to know whether he is your perfect match, or not. No question should be left without an answer. Frankness is the sign of the feelings which already exist in your hearts. If your man expresses interest and asks you all these questions and answers your questions honestly, it is the sign that his attitude towards you is quite serious. His open attitude should tell you that he is pretty serious about you. Then, please, do be open with him in return! Everything should become clear after such a serious talk! Your partner is your best part. You should admit him with both his strong and weak points. If his answers coincide with yours, then he is your perfect match! But even if your answers did not meet in some aspects, it is always better to discuss them. The most important thing in every relationship is to talk and to listen! And there will come understanding, tenderness and love!

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