Dating, communication and Promenad

Well, now you have a true, unique relationship with a woman! At last, you feel you have met someone really special. You are able to carry on a dialogue with her. You see that she understands you and takes your point of view into account. She is a true friend of yours. Besides, she excites your imagination with her appearance, smile and the color of her diamond eyes. You want to be as close to her as it is actually possible. You feel this particular moment has come at last. Your life is changing now, and you let this new fragile feeling in your soul and your life. You aspire to meet with your woman in an intimate situation, let it be a romantic date, but you don’t know the first word about it, where to start, what to say and how to behave.

She is a stranger!

Sometimes, you meet someone who is destined to become your one and only, in the places which do not presume to be appropriate for this. For example, it may be a bus or a bus stop, a library or a supermarket. You feel something with lightning speed and it is so irrevocably true that you understand now it is the moment to make the first and most significant step in your life. What are you to do in such a situation? Well, the most general piece of advice here is to stay who you are! You should demonstrate the unstarched ease of your character. Overcome the excitement! Take the risk! Just come up and introduce yourself. No need to start a long monologue that tells about your whole life. Just be yourself and be polite, of course. No woman will resist your natural charisma and charm! Just a little calm talk, a few smiles of yours and her interest to you in return, and you will see whether she is your woman, or not. You tell her: "Just one cup of coffee, please! It won't occupy much time! There is a good cafe nearby!" A little chat, just a few words, then, exchanging phone numbers, and you'll gain your happiness for the rest of your life!

Man and woman are carrying candles! They are on a date!

She is your close friend!

Now and then, there occurs a true friendship between a man and a woman. Sometimes, people meet on the Internet and find out they have a lot in common. They have graduated from similar Universities, or, perhaps, their family traditions coincide. However, sometimes, people keep company for years, and just cannot see they have become more closer than friends. Their relationships are ready to move on to the next stage. A person is your companion, your best part, your unique advisor and helper, can you ask for more? What can be better than the possibility of having your best friend as your wife and the mother of your children? It is a blessed destiny! What you have to do is to prepare a romantic surprise for your friend! Do something in this aspect in order for a person to feel it is not only a friendly gesture, but the sign of intimate and deep feelings of yours. Then, you will see her attitude to you. You will know, if she is your partner, or she will stay your companion and advisor. Nevertheless, these actions should definitely be made by you, in order to behold the general canvas of your future relationship. It is only true close friendship that may lead to a happy family!

Man and woman are in a cafe! They are having a date!

Prepare for a date!

What is the most important aspect in talking about dates themselves? Preparations, of course. When you ask a girl out, you should actually know what to say in order to get the desirable answer. But what is more important, it is your date itself. How should you behave with a woman you like? What should you tell her? Where should you go? All these questions are to be answered before going on a date. When you ask a girl out, the most important is to see her reaction and to be able to draw a conclusion from it. You may say: "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" or "Will you have a cup of tea in that nice cafe there?" It actually depends on the situation and the relations you have with a woman. But the most significant part is to see her answer through smiles and politeness. Her true answer, which she will give with her eyes, moving of her lips and a glow on her cheeks. Then, when you have her agreement, you have to make a little preparation in order to present your personality in the best way. Well, it is better to remain for ever one, of course, but politeness, manners and tone of your voice is really a necessary part also. Make sure everything this evening will go as you have planned! This evening, you should be as clean as a new spin! And your hairdo must be perfect! You should cast a spell on her! Women love men for their good deeds. But they are held in thrall by their charm and courtesy! It is always pleasant when a man pays attentions to you!

Women and men are created to find each other and be happy together! In order to make the first step in new relationships, a man ought to get the needable words to ask his sweetheart for a romantic evening somewhere in a restaurant or in a cafe. A man himself is like a promise that everything will be alright in the future. He will be near, he will help in everything. And in order for a woman to believe in you and your abilities, you should demonstrate your opportunities, forces and social importance. A woman seeks for a shield she will use in order for her future children to grow up and be happy! Show her, you are her best shield, protection and care! Be content you are the best person for her! And then, you will definitely find the needable words!