Dating, communication and Promenad
Rainy weather is common in Boston

So, you have met a person here in Promenad and you are ready for the first date. But the Boston weather in fall is quite rainy. It means that all plans to spend the day outside are ruined. We have some ideas that may help. Check out our rainy day ideas below.


Bowling is a great idea for the first date

If you are looking for the fun first date, bowling is the great one. It gives you a chance to interact with your date in different ways. Bowling provides an immediate icebreaker, and you both can chat about your past experiences. Playing together provides an opportunity to make physical contact in casual and non-threatening way. It is not difficult to find a bowling center in Boston. Boston Bowl, for example is open 24 hours and has an adults-only area with a private bar.


Fine arts exhibition

The look on art is a good way to know if your interests are aligned. There are more than 30 city museums in Boston to choose from, so finding one to fit your and your mate's interest shouldn’t be a problem. We suggest you to try the Museum of Fine Arts with its large and spectacular collection. The Boston Public Library is not a museum officially, but it has a good collection of art in its beautiful interiors, and the entrance is free.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is for every age and physical ability

Climbing is challenging, and observing how your date approaches the sport is a great indication of personality. How do you interact with each other? Rock climbing immediately breaks barriers because it requires both physical and emotional cooperation. Rock Spot Climbing in South Boston has climbing programs for every age and physical ability.

Go Outside

Walking in the rain can be very romantic

Walking in the rain together seems to be not the best idea at first glance. But it can give you one of the most romantic experiences ever. Protected space under your umbrella is just perfect for breaking psychological and physical barriers and creates private atmosphere even if there is crowd outside. Boston Public Garden (the first public garden in the USA) could be one of the best places for this kind of date. At least you will make a lot of fantastic-looking pictures for your Instagram.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. Go Promenad and go date.