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The Internet offers endless possibilities not only for dating, but also for disappointments. What do you prefer? Here, everything is like in real life: pink unicorns don’t fly around marshmallows, deceivers and people with unstable psyche are often found. Being worried about your safety, we publish some rules that will keep your mental balance and preserve your nerves.

Personal safety

When you register on dating services and start chatting, do not rush to spread everything about yourself: personal phone number, home address, name of your beloved grandmother, etc. You should be alerted if the interlocutor is very zealously trying to find out personal information. And if a person asks questions about the financial situation, then you may safely send him or her to the blacklist.

Verified sites

Choose high-quality dating services: look at their privacy policy, check how the support service works. The main thing to remember: not always the most popular site = the most secure one.

Use the internal capabilities of the service

Imagine that you have already met just an improper person. Do not rush to transfer communication beyond the boundaries of the service, use the internal capabilities. Scammers collect mail and phones to extort and steal money, and also to send ads. For example, if they got your mail, at the best the mailbox will be overwhelmed with spam.

Recognize your interlocutors

Before moving on to intimate communication (and it’s not just about sex), get to know the person you are talking to better. Pay attention to how he writes, what he writes about, whether he writes posts in the same style. If in doubt, it’s wise to end a friendship, or at least be on your guard.

Do not send any money

Never (do you hear me?), NEVER send any money to users from dating services. And read our article about the methods of blackmailing — it will be useful.

Main Methods of Fraud on Dating Services
Every day, thousands of people around the world meet online, and each pursues his own goals: someone just spends free time, someone expects to meet without obligations, but the majority hopes to meet a loved one on the Web and build relationships.

Safe first date

Now let's talk about the situation when the interlocutor seems to be proper, you are chatting all day long and already seem to be in love. You are preparing for a personal meeting. And here we strongly advise to inform someone close to you where, why and with whom you are meeting with. Of course, everything can go great, but it is better to play safe.

Online Dating During Pandemic of Coronavirus | Stories.Promenad
We all stay at home now, but still we must keep in touch, talk and find love! Quarantine is the best period to start new life and new love!

Mind at first, then emotions

Love is a field of battle, and this utterance seems even more right while talking about online dating. Be careful, attentive and do not let emotions decide for you. You do not need to remove them completely, because we are looking for love, but you can think about your own steps or consult with someone close to you.

We hope our pieces of advice will save you nerve cells and money. Meet consciously and use only protected services. Your Promenad.

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